Item Sales Report

The Item Sales Report details information about the items sold during a particular period of time.

Table of Contents

Running the Report

  1. Select 'Management', then 'Reports'.
  2. Choose a date range or for recent data, tap 'Use last few hours...'.
  3. Tap 'Item Sales', then 'Run Report'.
  4. Choose your report view.

Viewing Item Sales Report

The Item Sales Report as a glance.

Header | Includes name of report, start and end of report and the date the report was run.

Item Name | Name of item sold, i.e. Fountain drink
Sold | Total number of the item sold.
Subtotal | Dollar amount sold excluding tax and tip.
Tax | Total amount of taxes collected.
Total | Total dollar amount collected.
*The detailed report includes modifiers, i.e. Ketchup, Mustard, Onions, Pickles