Payroll Report

The Payroll Report displays user shift details including wages and hours.

Table of Contents

Running the Report

  1. Tap 'Management'. Then, 'Reports'.
  2. Tap to select a date and time range.
  3. Select 'Payroll' and tap 'Run Report'.
  4. Choose how to view the report.

Viewing the Report

Let’s explore the report’s different sections.

Start | Report’s starting date and time.
End | Ending date and time of the report.
Ran on | When the report was generated.

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Users are listed alphabetically with their shift information listed below their name:

User | Name of the user.
Hourly Wage | How much the user is paid per hour. Determined by their User Group.
Date and Time | For each shift: start date/time, end date/time, shift length, and wages earned.

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This section shows combined totals from a user’s shift:

[User] Worked | Number of hours worked by user.
[User] Earned | Wages earned by user (hourly wage multiplied by hours worked).
[User] Claimed Tips | Amount of tips claimed by user when they clocked out.
Total Earned for [User] | Wages earned by user.
Total Worked for [User] | Number of hours worked by user.

Total Earned | Total combined wages for all users on the report.