In-App Reporting Overview

Reports empower you by detailing invaluable information about your business’ past and present operations in easy to understand snapshots.

Table of Contents

Access and Run Reports

Users with management permissions can find reports in a few easy steps.

  1. Select 'Management' and tap 'Reports'.
  2. Select a date and time.

    Use last few hours | View data from the last few hours.
    detailed? | Provides detailed transaction information if toggled to ‘yes’.

  3. Select a report, then tap 'Run Report'.
  4. Choose a mode of retrieving your report.

Restrict Employee Access

To limit employees from having access to reports follow the steps below.

  1. Add specific employees to a User Group that you'd like to restrict.
  2. Tap 'Management' then, 'Permissions'.
  3. Choose a User Group to restrict.
  4. Choose 'Actions & Ordering' as the Source.
  5. Toggle off the 'Access to Management' option.

    The chosen User Group will no longer have access to any of the Management menu options.

Report Descriptions

Reports are available as non-exportable or as exportable .csv files.

Non-Exportable Reports

Shift Report | Shows tip, voids and payment information.
Totals by Payment Type | Displays payment type by shift.
Totals by User | Provides payment totals made by employees.
Tips | Provides tip information by payment type.
Voids | Creates a report of voids by employee.
Discounts and Fees | Shows detail about discounts/fees applied by employee.
Item Sales | Generates a detailed description of products sold.
Reservations | Provides detail about completed reservations.
Payroll | Shows detail about hours and wages per employee.
Credit Payments | Displays detail of credit transactions.

CSV Reports

Orders to CSV | Shows detailed transaction information.
Payments to CSV | Provides detailed information about payment types.
Customers to CSV | Generates a report of saved customer information.
Item Inventory, Sales, Cost Analysis to CSV | Provides detailed sales analytics.