Shift Reporting

Shift reports display user sales for a specified time period. Run a simple or detailed report in a cinch.

Table of Contents

Run a Shift Report

Shift Reports can be run from the Hub only, by users with the proper permissions.

Active User

For the current user signed into the register, easily obtain a shift summary. Review tip totals, voids recorded, and transaction details on each summary.

  1. From the globe icon, tap 'Shift Report'.
  2. Select the date and time, tap 'Done', then tap 'Run report'.
  3. Select method of report retrieval.

Other Users

Users with management permissions can run a shift report for one or more employees.

  1. From 'Management', tap 'Reports'.
  2. Select date/time parameters then tap 'Shift Report'.
  3. Tap 'Includes' to select users, then 'Run Report'.
  4. Select the method of report retrieval.

Shift Report Explained

All reporting data is sectioned into groups, allowing for easy viewing.

Header | Contains start/end date and report run date.
Employee Information | Displays employee name, number of orders and guests served.

Tips | Overview of tips separated by payment type.
Tips reflects difference between cash sales and credit card tips. A negative amount is owed to employee, while surplus is owed back to the business. This feature is helpful for banking purposes.
Totals by User | Reports tax, tip, and subtotal of employee orders.
Total per Order | The average amount per order-including tip and tax.
Voids | Details void totals and reasons.

Major Groups | Each user’s report includes a breakdown of the Major Groups they sold. Each group has a breakdown of sales and tips.

Payments | Provides detail of different payment types.
Each payment type shows subtotal, tip, and total. Payment total and tip will equal totals by user total and tip.

Detailed Shift Report

A detailed shift report includes the above information, a table breakdown for all categories, and includes a unique ID number.

Detailed Shift Report | Displays each transaction by subtotal, tip, order unique ID, and order name.