Tips Report

The Tips Report gives an overview about the amount of tips collected during a specific period of time.

Table of Contents

Running the Report

  1. From your menu, tap 'Management', then 'Reports'.
  2. Select a date range, or for recent data, tap 'Use last few hours...'.
  3. Choose 'Tips', then 'Run Report'.
  4. Pick how you would like to view your report.

Viewing the Report

Easily understand how the report is broken down.

Header | Includes the name of the report, start and end date and time and that the report was run.

=== Name of Employee === Tips are separated by each user, then payment type.
# of Orders | Total number of closed orders.
Guests | Number of guests served.

List of Tenders and the total amount of tips accepted per tender.
Tip Total | Total amount of tips accepted.
Tip per order | Average tip amount per order.
Tip per guest | Average tip amount based on the number of guests served.
Cash Sales – CC Tips | The amount of cash sales minus the credit card tips. If this is a negative amount, it is owed to the employee.
# of Orders | The number of orders taken.