Totals by Payment Type

View your sales totals based on the type of payment received.

Table of Contents

Running the Report

  1. Tap 'Management', then tap 'Reports'.
  2. Choose a preferred date and time range, then toggle the switch for a basic or detailed report.
  3. Tap 'Totals by Payment Type', then tap 'Run Report'.
  4. Choose your view.

Viewing the Report

Basic Report

The Basic Totals by Payment Type Report displays a generalized view of your sales during the selected date range.

Payment Type | The type of payment accepted.
Subtotal | Payment amount before tip.
Tip | Total tip amount from the payment type.
Total | Total amount of all transactions from the payment type.
# of Payments | Total number of payments based on the payment type.

# of Payments | Total number of transactions accepted.
Subtotal | Total sales amount before tips and taxes.
Tax | Total amount of taxes accepted.
Tip | Total amount of tips accepted.
Total | Total dollar amount of payments received.

Detailed Report

The Detailed Totals by Payment Type Report displays a closer look a your sales by the selected date range.

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Payment type | Type of card or tender used for the transaction.
Subtotal | Total amount charged to the tender before tips and tax.
Tip | Total amount of gratuity charged to the tender.
# of Payments | Total number of payments attached to the tender.
Transaction List per Tender
Subtotal | Total of the transaction before tax and tip.
Tip | The tip applied during the transaction.
Order unique ID | Transaction ID number.
Order name | Name of transaction, default is the name of the table.

# of Payments | Total count of transactions.
Subtotal | Total of all transactions.
Tax | Total of taxes collected.
Tip | Total gratuity accepted.
Total | Total amount of funds accepted.