Totals by User Report

This report contains order totals broken down by register user. Run it for all users or just for some.

Table of Contents

Run the Report

Users with management permissions can run reports. All reports are based on closed orders within the selected date and time range.

  1. Press 'Management'. Then, 'Reports'.
  2. Tap to select a date and time range.
  3. (optional) Toggle 'detailed' to yes to run a more detailed version of the report.
  4. Choose 'Totals by User'.
  5. (optional) Press 'Includes' to select specific users or leave it set to all.
  6. Tap 'Run Report'.
  7. Choose how to view the report.

Sample Report

There are several sections in the Sales by User report.

Basic Report

Start | Report’s starting date and time.
End | Ending date and time of the report.
Ran on | When the report was generated.

Users are listed alphabetically with their information underneath:
# of Orders | Total number of orders closed out by the user.
Guests | Combined number of guests on all user’s orders.
Tip | Cumulative amount of tips accrued by the user.
Tax | Total tax charged on this user’s orders.
Total | The combined total of the user’s orders. Includes tax and tip.
Total Per Orders | The Total divided by # of Orders.
Total Per Guest | The Total divided by number of Guests.

Payments applied to the user’s orders are broken down by type:
Subtotal | The total, before tip, from each order of this payment type.
Tip | Total tip amount for this user from this payment type.
Total | The Subtotal plus Tip amount.

# of Payments | The total number of payments accepted by this user.
Subtotal | The value of the user’s sales before tax and tip.
Tax | Total tax from all user’s orders.
Tip | Total tip amount from all user’s orders.
Total | The Subtotal plus Tax and Tip.

At the bottom, after all users, there are cumulative report totals:
# of Orders | Number of orders closed by all users on the report.
Tip | Combined tip amount collected by all users on the report.
Tax | Combined tax total for all users on the report.
Total | Total order amount from all users on the report. Includes tax and tip.

Detailed Report

The detailed report has the same info as the basic version, but also lists out each individual order.

Each order is listed under the user who closed it:
$26.00 | Total of the order. Includes tax and tip.
#10 | The name of the order.
(8ED39BEC) | Unique order identification number.

Under each payment type, transactions are listed with their subtotal, tip, order ID, and order name.

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