Voids Report

This report contains voids performed at the register. Only voided items and orders appear on the report. Deleted items/orders do not appear on any report.

Table of Contents

Run the Report

Users with management permissions can run reports. All reports are based on closed orders within the selected date and time range.

  1. Tap 'Management'. Then, 'Reports'.
  2. Select a date and time range.
  3. Choose 'Voids'.
  4. (optional) Press 'Includes' to select specific users or leave it set to all.
  5. Tap 'Run Report'.
  6. Choose how to view the report.

Sample Voids Report

There are a few sections in the Voids report; let’s take a look at each.

Start | Report’s starting date and time.
End | Ending date and time of the report.
Ran on | When the report was generated.

Each void is listed individually under the name of the user who did it:
Void Total | Total price of all items voided by the user.
$1.95 | Price of a single voided item.
1 French Fries | Quantity and name of the item.
#19 | Name of the order the item was from.
(042A54A9) | Unique order identification number.
Duplicate Order | Reason for void as entered by user.

Total | Total price of all voids from all users on the report.