Ambur Cloud

Ambur Cloud is an account management resource where you can track sales, update contact information, add/remove business locations, and more.

Table of Contents

Log In

Download Ambur and create an account to establish your login email and password. After that, visit to log in to Ambur Cloud.

  1. Enter your email address, password, and click 'Log In'.

    If you do not remember your password, click ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the steps to reset it.


The Reports section is Ambur Cloud’s home page and loads upon login.

At a Glance

View live sales, yesterday’s sales, and sale trends for all of your locations. For more on reporting, check out the Ambur Cloud Reporting support article.

Each location's live sales.
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Yesterday's sales for each location.
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Sales chart based on time.
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Sales by employee.
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Top selling items over the past 30 days.
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Average sales by day of the week.
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Sales by modifier over the past 30 days.
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Ambur Cloud users have the ability to set up daily summary emails. These emails send out automatically after the restaurant closes.

  1. Under Reports, click 'Preferences’.
  2. Check the box to receive daily summary emails.
  3. Enter how many minutes after closing each report should send.
  4. (optional) Enter additional email addresses to receive reports for each location.

    If there are multiple emails for a location, separate each with a comma.

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  5. Click 'Save'.
  6. Check your email after closing for the daily summary email.


Change preferences and settings pertaining to the business and account owner.

About Me

Manage your contact information and change your password in the About me section. Learn more about filling out this account owner profile in our Ambur Cloud – About Me article.

  1. Click 'About Me'.
  2. Add contact information.
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    First Name | Enter the account owner first name.
    Last Name | Enter the account owner last name.
    Email | The account owner email address.
    Phone Number | Enter the best contact number.
    Time Zone | Select from the list.
    Language | Select a preferred language.
    Address | Enter the business street address.
    City | Enter the city.
    State or Province | Enter the state or province.
    Zipcode | Provide a zip or postal code.
    Country | Choose your country.

  3. Click 'Save' to save your information.
  4. (optional) Change your password by clicking the 'Change My Password' button.


Easily add, remove, or edit an unlimited number of business locations.

  1. Click ‘Locations’.
  2. Click ‘Add New’ to add a location.

    Or, you can edit an existing location.

  3. Fill in the business information fields.
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    Business Name | What that location is called.
    Each location’s name must be unique (e.g. ‘Ambur Cafe – 1st St.’ vs ‘Ambur Cafe – Broadway’).
    Business Type | Choose ‘Full-Service Restaurant’, ‘Quick-Service Restaurant’, or ‘Bar’.
    Phone | Enter the location’s business phone number.
    Time Zone | Choose the time zone that location operates in.
    Address | Enter the location’s address.

  4. Set each day's opening and closing time.

    Check the ‘Closed?’ box next to days the restaurant is closed.

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  5. Click 'Save' to save the location profile.


Manage subscription plans and payment information for all of your locations here. Learn more about choosing and changing subscriptions in our Ambur Cloud – Subscriptions article.

  1. Click ’Subscriptions’.
  2. Click ‘SUBSCRIBE’ to change the subscription status of a location.

    If your account is in ‘trial’ or ‘cancelled’, click ‘SUBSCRIBE’ to select a plan and enter payment information. If your location has an active subscription, the plan will be listed with an option to ‘CHANGE’ the subscription.

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  3. Choose a plan type, number of devices, and click 'Next'.
  4. Enter payment Information and click 'Subscribe'.


There are a few different ways to find support within Ambur Cloud. Click one of the items under ‘Support’ to learn about your options.

Get Support

Use ‘Support’ to see how to find answers to any questions you may have.

  1. Click ‘Support’.

    The Ambur Support Site is the place to watch tutorials and read various support articles.

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Request a Feature

Use ‘Request a Feature’ to see how you can send feature requests directly to our team.

  1. Click ‘Request a Feature’.
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