Server Functions Troubleshooting

Servers shouldn’t be held up by register complications as they keep the restaurant going each day. Ambur offers some quick solutions to address issues that may arise with the app for a server throughout the day.

Table of Contents

I am unable to clock in for my shift.

  1. Tap the Globe icon and make sure that your name is listed as logged in.
  2. If your name is not listed, tap 'Log Out'.
  3. Enter your code and tap 'Log In'.
  4. Then, tap the Globe icon and choose 'Clock In'.
  5. If still unable to clock in, have the Master User check that the permissions are set to allow clocking in and out.

    Clock In and Clock Out should be toggled on to allow time card recording.

I don't see any of the open orders that I had saved.

You are probably logged in under the wrong employee code.

  1. Tap the Globe icon, then choose 'Log Out'.
  2. Enter your code and tap 'Log In'.
  3. Tap 'Open' to view your open orders.

Why am I unable to cancel a reservation?

If you do not see the red ‘Delete’ button when attempting to swipe the reservation to the left, then the permissions are preventing you from deleting reservations.

  1. Have the Master User tap 'Management', then 'Permissions'.
  2. Select the User Group that you are a part of and tap 'Reservation' if you'd like to change the Permissions.

How do I open an order that was already closed?

  1. Tap 'Closed' and select the order that you'd like to open.
  2. Tap the action icon and choose 'Open'.

    The order will now appear in the open order list.

I can't figure out how to process a partial refund.

Partial refunds are not supported by Ambur.

  1. Refund the full amount.
  2. Ring in the amount that you'd like to charge and process the new payment.

I'm trying to process a refund, but I'm receiving an error: "Cannot Refund".

This error occurs when a payment cannot be refunded because the payment amount is $0.00.

  1. Void the payment.

When swiping a card, the iDynamo is unresponsive.

  1. Disconnect the iDynamo from the iOS device.
  2. Close the Ambur app and turn the iOS device off.
  3. Turn the device back on and reconnect the iDynamo.
  4. Relaunch the Ambur app and attempt to run the sale again.
  5. View this iDynamo Troubleshooting guide for more in-depth assistance.

The receipt printer won't print.

  1. Make sure the iOS device is on the correct WiFi network.
  2. Turn the printer off and close the app.
  3. Power the printer back on and relaunch the app. Attempt to print again.
  4. Check out the TSP100 Troubleshooting guide for more suggestions.

The app isn't responding and the iOS device appears to be frozen.

  1. Close the app and turn off the iOS device.
  2. Turn the device back on and relaunch the app.
  3. Do not attempt to delete and reinstall the application until you have discussed the situation with Ambur Support at

My app is running very slow.

This could be due to the software or iOS device model. Devices can run slower with age.

  1. Check the iOS model.

    Follow the steps on our Best Practices for the Ambur App guide to find the model of your iOS device.

  2. Make sure your running the latest version of the Ambur App.

    Learn how to check your app version by following the steps on our Best Practices for the Ambur App guide.

  3. Reduce the size of your database.

    Learn how to reduce your database here.

When trying to share an order or reservation via email, I receive the error: "Email not setup".

This error occurs when the iOS device does not have an email account setup. If you’d like to be able to share reservations and orders via email, set up an email account on your device. Follow the steps below to add an email account to your device.

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Choose 'Mail' from the menu.
  3. Select 'Add Account'.
  4. Choose an email provider and follow the steps to authenticate the email account.

When trying to share an order or reservation via messaging, I receive the error: "Messaging not setup".

Similar to the situation above, this error occurs when the iOS device does not have messaging setup. If you’d like to share reservations and orders via messaging, set up a messaging account through a cellular / data provider.

Our client devices sometimes disconnect from the Hub because the Hub drops it's connection.

There are a number of reasons that could be affecting the connection between the Hub and client devices. Follow the steps below to ensure you’re running a solid connection.

  1. Make sure that Ambur is always open on the Hub device.

    For client devices to connect to the hub, Ambur must be open at all times on the Hub. Any other applications that will need to be accessed regularly should be accessed on client devices.

  2. Make sure Auto-Log Out is set to never on the Hub device.

    In Ambur, tap ‘Management’, then ‘Settings’ and set ‘auto-log out’ to Never.

  3. Turn Auto-Lock off on all iOS devices.

    Find this option in your iOS device’s Settings app. Select ‘General’ from the menu on the left, and set ‘Auto-Lock’ to Never.

  4. Verify that all client devices are on the same app version as the Hub.

    Visit our Update the Ambur App article to learn how to check your app version.

  5. Check that all clients and the Hub, are on the same WiFi network.

    Restart your router if the WiFi network appears to be running slow.

  6. Make sure any guest networks are run off a separate router.

    Guest networks can interfere with device connectivity, so we recommend running any guest networks from a separate router.

  7. Make sure Bluetooth is disabled on all devices.

    Bluetooth can disrupt connections between the Hub and client devices. Also, iOS system updates can sometimes cause Bluetooth to turn back on if previously off. So, it doesn’t hurt to double check that each device’s Bluetooth is off.