Ambur App Reports Troubleshooting

When trying to run a report from the app, it can sometimes seem like numbers aren’t matching up or like you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. Here are some common reporting issues and solutions to help you get the most out of Ambur App Reporting.

Table of Contents

The Items Sales report does not match the day's batch totals.

The Items Sales shows the system price of an item and does not consider what the customer may have actually paid. Discounts and fees could affect the price of an item and would not be recorded in the Items Sales report.

  1. View the Totals by Payment Type report instead. It accounts for discounts and fees.

The Master User has signed into a client device to run a report. Will this throw off the Hub device reporting?

Reports can only be run from the Hub. If the Master User changes the Hub to a different device, then reports will only be generated from the new Hub. Reporting is not thrown off by changing the Hub device.

  1. Follow the Changing Hubs guide to change the Hub to a new device or simply run the reports from the current Hub.

Is an order that was left open included in the employee’s Shift Report and the Batch Report?

No, the only orders included in these reports are closed orders, where payment has been accepted and processed.

  1. Close the order once payment has been accepted.
  2. The closed order will now be reflected in reporting and can be found on the Closed Orders screen.

The Void report isn’t reflecting items deleted from an open order.

There is not a report that reflects items deleted from an open order.

  1. Adjust permissions to only allow voiding orders and items versus deleting them.
  2. Track voided items and orders in the Void report.

Where are profit margins tracked?

There is not a specific profit margin report, but item cost can be tracked and compared to the sale price.

  1. Enter an amount for the "Cost to Business" when creating a menu item.
  2. Tap 'Management', then choose 'Reports'.
  3. Run the Item Inventory Sales, and Cost Analysis report.
  4. Compare the Business Cost column to the Subtotal column to gain an idea of the profit margin.

Is there a report for Sales by Category?

Though there is not a specific report to track Sales by Category, there is an easy way to gather this data from the Item Inventory, Sales, Cost Analysis to CSV report.

  1. Run the Item Inventory, Sales, Cost Analysis to CSV report.
  2. Open the spread sheet with a program such as Excel, Numbers, or Open Office.
  3. Sort the file by the category column to view Sales by Category.

Is there a report that keeps track of cash in and cash out?

Cash in and cash out need to be tracked manually outside of Ambur.

  1. View total cash sales on the Totals by Payment Type report.

When trying to run a report, I'm getting the message: "No Closed Orders Available".

This error occurs when the Run Report button is tapped for Orders to CSV, Payments to CSV, or Item Inventory, Sales, Cost Analysis to CSV reports with a date range that has no closed orders.

  1. Change the date range of the report you're trying to run to include a time period with closed orders.