Cash Drawer Troubleshooting

Easily troubleshoot your receipt printer driven cash drawer with the help of this guide. Most cash drawer related issues are caused by receipt printer issues. Make sure the receipt printer properly prints first!

Table of Contents

Tapping 'Open Cash Drawer' does not open the cash drawer.

Go through these general steps to troubleshoot why the drawer isn’t popping open.

  1. Check permissions.

    Check the Permissions to verify that the User Group is allowed to open the drawer by using the ‘Open Cash Drawer‘ button.

  2. Check the printer status to make sure it's still connected in the app.

    Tap Management > Printers > Name of Printer > Action Icon > Check Printer Status

  3. Make sure the drawer is unlocked.

    Turn the key to the left to unlock. The lock will be in the vertical position when unlocked.

  4. Manually open the drawer with the key.

    Pull out the till to check for obstructions that could prevent the drawer from opening properly.

  5. Check the DK cable connection.

    The DK cable has two different size heads. Make sure the small end is inserted into the printer and the large end is inserted into the cash drawer.

  6. Try a different DK cable.

After completing a sale, the receipt prints, but the cash drawer does not open.

The receipt printing indicates that the printer is connected and working properly and that the issue is probably with the drawer or the cables.

  1. Make sure that the cash drawer is unlocked.

    The key should be turned to the left and the lock should be in the vertical position.

  2. Check the DK cable connection.
  3. Make sure the drawer has 4 rubber feet attached to the bottom and is pulled to the edge of the counter.
  4. Check the printer and cash drawer settings.

    Tapping ‘Close’ after accepting payment will only trigger the drawer to pop open if it’s connected properly to the printer and if in ‘Settings’ you have the option ‘On Order close – open cash drawer’ turned on.

After closing a sale, the receipt does not print, nor does the cash drawer open.

This issue could indicate a printer issue, which could affect the cash drawer’s ability to open automatically.

  1. Check the printer settings.

    Upon closing an order, the receipt will print and trigger the drawer to open if the printer setting ‘open drawer on print’ is turned on.

  2. If the printer has a solid blue / green READY light, check that the drawer’s lock is in the vertical position and the key should be turned to left.

    If unlocked, turn the printer off, wait 10 seconds, turn it back on, and wait for a solid blue or solid green READY light.

    If the light does not become solid and continues to blink, visit the receipt printer troubleshooting guide for further steps to take.

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