SP700 Ethernet Printer Troubleshooting

This guide focuses on problems that could arise with your kitchen printer. If the ticket printer hasn’t already been set up, check out the SP700 Setup Guide

Table of Contents

Networking Issues

This section covers diagnosing and fixing problems related to how the printer, network, and iOS devices communicate with each other.

What's the IP address?

Each device in a network has an IP (Internet Protocol) address, which is an assigned number that facilitates communication between devices over a network. Follow these steps to find the network’s IP address.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device.
  2. Select 'WiFi'.
  3. Tap the network's name.

    The network’s IP address is listed in the network details.

Is the printer on the correct network?

Print a diagnostic receipt to find the printer’s IP address. Compare it to the network’s IP address. The first seven numbers should match.

  1. Turn printer OFF.
  2. Hold down the FEED button.
  3. While continuing to hold the FEED button, turn back ON.
  4. After 5-8 seconds, or when the green READY light blinks, release the FEED button.

    Two receipts will print out. Disregard the first one.

  5. On the second receipt, locate "Current IP Parameters Status" at the bottom.

    The IP address is listed below this.

The printer is set up, but 'Printer Status' shows not connected.

Your iOS device may no longer be connected to the correct WiFi network.

Visit Settings > Wifi on your device and make sure that it’s connected to the same network as your printer.

"Printer Error" pops up when attempting to send item(s). The status lights are flashing.

The printer is either physically disconnected from the router or unable to obtain an IP address.

  1. Turn power OFF.
  2. Wait 5-8 seconds.
  3. Turn back ON.

    If both lights continue to flash, check that the printer is connected to the router properly. Try plugging into a different port on the router.

    If the printer is unplugged: power off, plug into the router, and turn back on. Wait for a solid green READY light.

    If the printer is plugged in: follow the instructions above to check if it is receiving an IP address from the router or try a different ethernet cable.

The printer isn’t receiving an IP address. will display if the printer is unable to obtain.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the connection between the printer and router.

  1. Power printer OFF, wait a few moments, then turn back ON.
  2. Verify that the printer is physically connected to the router.
  3. Attempt to plug the printer into a different available port on the router.
  4. Use a different ethernet cable.
  5. Restart the router.

Hardware Issues

In this section, issues pertaining to the physical printer are addressed.

Tickets aren’t printing and the ERROR light is flashing red.

  1. A red light blinking once per second indicates that your printer has run out of paper.

    Turn OFF, load a new roll, CLOSE the lid, turn back ON and attempt to reprint.

  2. When the red light blinks once every two seconds, the printer is running low on paper.

    No need to replace the roll right away, but it will need to be changed soon.

Tickets aren’t printing, the ERROR light is solid red, and the green POWER light is solid or flashing.

This error is caused by having one or both of its covers open.

Close the open cover(s) to resume normal operations.

If there are no open covers, open and close both covers to reset this warning.

If the issue persists: turn the printer off, wait a few moments, then turn it back on and wait for a solid green READY light.

The printer is low on ink. Where can more be purchased?

Reach out to an Ambur Sales Specialist at sales@amburcloud.com or call 888.268.0122 to place your order!

Setup Issues

These issues are related to how the ticket printer has been set up in the Ambur app.

Some items print tickets, but others do not.

Check Printer Groups attached to these items. If items do not have a Printer Group attached to them, they will not automatically print to the ticket printer. A pop up within the app would have prompted selecting a printer if no Printer Groups were set up.

Follow how to set up Printer Groups here.

Attach printer groups to items.