iPad Troubleshooting

Here we’ll take a look at some common issues you may encounter with the physical iPad. If this is your first time using the iPad or are unfamiliar with the iPad, please see Apple’s support site.

Table of Contents

Where is...? What is...? Issues

Learn where things are located on the iPad and how they function.

Where is the home button?

The home button is the only physical button on the face of your iPad. It is mainly used to take you out of an app and back to the Home screen when you press it.

I need to plug my credit card swiper into the lightning port. Where is that?

The lightning port is the small port on the iPad where you would normally plug in your lightning to USB cable to charge your iPad.

How do I...? Issues

Here you can find issues specific to how to perform certain functions on the iPad.

My device’s screen appears to be unresponsive or frozen. How do I fix this?

An unresponsive iOS device could be due to the age of the device or the software it’s running. Follow the recommendations on the Best Practices for the Ambur App article.

  1. Reset your iOS device.

    Hold down the Power button and the Home button together until the device’s screen goes black.

  2. Hold down the Power button to restart the device.

How do I force quit the Ambur app?

Force quitting an app is typically only done when an app is unresponsive. For more information see the Apple support site.

  1. Quickly double press the Home button on your iOS device.

    You should see minimized versions of all your open apps. If nothing happened or you just returned to the Home screen, tap on your Ambur app from the Home screen and try double pressing the Home button in a quick succession again.

  2. Swipe left or right to find the Ambur app.
  3. Swipe up on the app preview to close it.

    Don’t tap on the preview, this will select the app. Rather, on the preview drag your finger from the bottom of the screen to the top.

My iPad is in a stand that blocks the on/off button and the home button. How can I get to them?

By using Assistive Touch on the iPad, you can mimic the use of the physical iPad buttons if the are hard to reach or no longer responsive. For more information view the Apple support site.

  1. Go to the Settings app on your device.
  2. Select the 'General' and then 'Accessibility'.
  3. Scroll to the 'Assistive Touch' and turn it on.

    Click here to see how assistive touch appears on your device.