Ambur App Release Notes

Learn what’s new in the newest Ambur update!

Table of Contents


What’s New in Version 2.9.3
Bug fixes.


What’s New in Version 2.9.2
This release contains a series of key bug fixes and performance improvements to help keep your Ambur device(s) running smoothly and efficiently!


What’s New in Version 2.9.1
This release contains a series of important bug fixes and performance improvements to keep your Ambur app running smoothly!

Additionally, we have made a number of small usability improvements based on direct customer feedback, including:

  • Send bar and unsent items tag are now blue so they stand out more
    • Showing the last 4 digits on credit card listings for easier lookup
      • When connecting to a hub, Ambur device name is used instead of iOS device name
        • When looking for devices in management, hub device is now highlighted
          • Staff can now get a slip listing hours worked when clocking out (opt in via User Group)
            • When printer error occurs, we now ask staff to check if printed and allow to “mark as printed” if so
              • You can now enable auto-close for orders paid for by credit (see Settings; good for QSRs)
                • Suggested tips bumped up to 18/20/25%
                • 2.9.0

                  What’s New in Version 2.9.0
                  This release completely refreshes Ambur’s design, meaning that all of the screens have been updated with an exciting, modern look and feel!

                  The Ambur functionality you know and love will stay the same (including some performance fixes), plus the design will now also match the recently redesigned online reporting on Ambur Cloud (

                  Note that with this update there may be a change to the colors of your menu items if you did not manually select them. Colors can easily be updated at the category level using the new color palette. Learn more on the Ambur support site (


                  What’s New in Version 2.8.2

                  • Stability and performance fixes


                  What’s New in Version 2.8.1

                  • Promotions: Set up price discounts tied to specific dates and time periods (e.g. Happy Hour, Lunch Specials, etc…)
                  • Major Groups: Menu Items now have a Major Group attribute that allows you to report sales in the following categories: Food; Non Alc. Beverages; Liquor, Wine, Beer; Misc. All items are assigned to the Misc category by default.
                  • Bug fixes and performance improvements: As always, we’ve cleaned some thing up to help keep Ambur running smoothly and efficiently!
                  • 2.8

                    What’s New in Version 2.8

                    • Ability to reorder sent items (e.g. if someone wants to “order another round” at the bar)
                    • Ability to skip sending tickets based on user groups (e.g. don’t print bar tickets if drink entered by a “bartender”)
                    • Ability to list orders alphabetically (e.g. to speed up finding any specific tab by name)
                    • Database backups are now stored on Ambur cloud servers instead of Dropbox, allowing support to access them remotely
                    • Simplified process for changing hubs and restoring your database through remote backup
                    • Application logs are now sent to our cloud servers to help with support and engineering investigations
                    • Duplicate check logic is now done during CC transaction settlement to prevent duplicate transactions
                    • Bug fixes and stability enhancements


                    What’s New in Version 2.7

                    • Free 30-day unrestricted trial for new users, test us out for real
                    • New online reports for Ambur’s back office ( including Live Sales, Sales Trends report, Top Selling Items, and more
                    • Full multi-location support including reporting and subscription management
                    • Monthly and annual subscriptions are now available plans. See details at
                    • Modernized look of the Enter Pin screen to provide a more sophisticated appearance for your customers who may be glancing at your POS screen
                    • Changed look of Start Hub button to prevent employees from accidentally starting the hub
                    • Minor bug, UX, and stability fixes


                    What’s New in Version 2.6.2

                    • Fix being logged out of Ambur following iOS updates
                    • Fix importing database via Dropbox import
                    • Fix updating existing Menu Items during CSV import
                    • Fix POS login keyboard not appearing when switching between apps
                    • Fix payment count criss-crossing between orders
                    • Fix Payroll report for ‘no shifts’ leaving a spinner blocking the screen
                    • Fix action button for Payment changing position
                    • Fix sharing reservation data including number of guests
                    • Fix highlighting cell after creating new Tax Rate
                    • Fix naming TGate to Bridgepay in Credit Card Processing post rebranding
                    • Fix alert message when trying to delete an order to mention any CC transactions will prevent order deletion
                    • Other minor fixes


                    What’s New in Version 2.6.1

                    • The button color can be edited using tint color in Settings
                    • Percentages, such as tax rates, can have up to 5 digits after the decimal point, instead of 2
                    • Editing table layout can now be accessed from Management -> Table Layout
                    • Editing receipt formats can now be accessed from Management -> Receipt Formats
                    • Editing your default tax rate can now be done from the Tax Rates screen, instead of Settings
                    • Marking items as sent on client doesn’t update sent status on Hub, when same order is displayed on both devices at the same time
                    • App crashes when starting a hub after being denied as a client to another hub
                    • If you tap Management, then tap “order type” or another tab, then hit back, then tap on the “open” or “reservations” tab, the management key will stay highlighted
                    • Tapping “detailed?” switch on report screen doesn’t update label
                    • App crashes when extremely large values are entered in unit price and quantity fields of an Open Item (>38 significant digits)