Credit Card Processing FAQ

Ambur’s integrated credit card processing allows you to charge, manage, and settle credit transactions from the app. Read this FAQ article to find the answers to all your processing questions from setting up to settling a batch.

Table of Contents

Setting Up

The frequently asked questions below address the credit card processing set up process.

How can I get set up to accept credit cards as payment?

Call 866.836.0050 to get set up with ShopKeep Payments. Visit our BridgePay Hosted Credit Card Setup article if you’d like to use a third-party for integrated credit card processing.

Can I process credit cards with Ambur if I’m outside the US?

At this time, Ambur only offers integrated credit card processing for US merchants. Merchants outside the US can process credit cards through an external terminal, choosing “Add without charging card” as the credit payment option.

Do I have to submit a boarding form?

You must submit a boarding form if you are choosing to process through a third-party merchant services provider, and not Shopkeep Payments.

What is a VAR / Parameter sheet and where can I get one?

A VAR or Parameter sheet is provided by your merchant services provider. It details your business and processing platform information. Attach this to your boarding form if you’re setting up integrated processing through a third-party.

What is my MID?

This is your Merchant Identification number. Ask your merchant services provider for a VAR / Parameter sheet with this number. Ambur does not provide this number.

What is a TID?

This is the Terminal Identification number. Ambur does not provide this number. Contact your merchant services provider for a VAR / Parameter sheet with this number.

Where can I find the Ambur boarding form?

If you are using a third-party credit card processor and not ShopKeep Payments for integrated credit card processing, fill out and submit a boarding form online here.

Where can I find my boarding credentials?

After you’ve submitted a boarding form and been successfully boarded, we will send you an email with boarding credentials. Follow our BridgePay Hosted Credit Card Processing Setup article to learn where the boarding credentials are entered into the app.

Which processing platform can I use with Ambur?

Have your merchant services provider verify that they’re compatible with one of the processing platforms listed on the Ambur boarding form.

Processing Transactions

These common questions pertain to processing credit cards at the register.

Can I process credit cards without an internet connection?

Credit cards cannot be processed without an internet connection. If your internet connection goes down, you cannot run credit cards. In times like these, consider accepting only non-credit tenders or using a credit card imprinter so you can enter credit transactions manually when your connection is restored. Visit our Processing Credit Cards article for more information.

What type of credit card reader can I use with Ambur?

Ambur works exclusively with the iDynamo credit card swiper, which must be purchased here to ensure proper encryption. Visit the iDynamo Setup article to learn more about this device.

What is the “Add without charging card” credit payment option?

This is an external credit card payment option for merchants not using Ambur’s integrated credit card processing.

What is a void versus a return?

A void is way of discarding an order, item, or payment. A user with proper permissions can perform a void if a customer changes their mind, a mistake was made when placing the order, or if the closed transaction is from the current day’s batch.

A return or refund is the process of returning payment to the customer. Users with proper permissions can process returns for orders from a previous day’s batch. Ambur does not support partial returns.

How do I return a credit transaction?

Credit transactions can be returned to a customer’s card by following the steps on our Refunds article.

Can partial amounts be returned to a customer’s credit card?

Ambur does not support partial refunds. Follow the Refunds guide to process a full refund or refund specific items.

How do I collect credit card tips?

Follow the Tips and Gratuity article to learn how to add gratuity to a credit transaction.

How do you void a credit card payment?

Voiding can be done in a few simple steps. Follow our Voids guide to void a payment.

How can I manually process a credit card?

Credit cards can be processed manually if you are connected to the internet. A card that is entered manually will not process if you are not connected to the internet. Check out our Processing Credit Cards article to learn how to process manually.

Can I split payment for an order?

Yes, transactions can be split or merged while open. Follow our Splitting Payments guide to learn how to split an order between two cards.

Can I check if a customer’s card was accidentally charged twice?

Potential double charges are investigated by our support team. Email with transaction details and a copy of the receipt.

Is it possible to adjust a closed credit transaction?

Yes it is. Follow the steps on our Adjust a Credit Transaction guide to learn how.

I’m receiving an error when trying to process a credit card. What could be causing this?

Errors can sometimes occur if credit card processing has not been set up correctly or if there is an issue with the credit card reader hardware. Check out our Credit Card Processing Troubleshooting guide to find a solution to the error.


These common questions are regarding in-app and Ambur Cloud reporting.

Can I view credit card sales information on Ambur Cloud?

Detailed payment reports are not available on Ambur Cloud. Ambur Cloud Reporting offers charts reflecting sales totals. Find the reports you’re looking for on our in-app Reporting Overview article.

Where can I view voided credit card transactions?

All voids are recorded in the Voids Report.

Which reports will show me detailed credit card transaction information?

View the in-app Shift Report, Totals by Payment Type Report, or Payments CSV Report for detailed breakdowns of each credit transaction.


Here, we address frequently asked questions about batches and settling batches.

What is a batch?

A batch is a daily collection of credit card payments. Learn where to find your batches on our Processing Credit Cards guide.

Does my batch settle automatically?

Batches do not settle automatically. At the end of the day, your batch must be settled manually before you receive the funds in your bank. Learn how to settle your batch on our Processing Credit Cards guide.

How do I settle a batch?

Settle your batch manually each day by following the steps on our Processing Credit Cards article.

Can transactions be removed from a batch?

Yes, transactions can be removed from a batch. This is only a troubleshooting step that should not regularly be necessary. Follow the steps in our Credit Card Processing Troubleshooting guide if your are receiving a batch settlement error.

What should I do if I receive a batch settlement error?

If you try to settle your batch and receive an error, visit our Credit Card Processing Troubleshooting guide to find the solution.