Hardware FAQ

The hardware that helps operate your business can include receipt printers, ticket printers, cash drawers, and credit card readers. Read through these frequently asked hardware questions to get comfortable with hardware and networking.

Table of Contents

Networking & Hardware

Can I still use the app if my iOS device isn’t connected to the internet?

Yes, you can process cash and external credit transactions without an internet connection. You must have internet to process credit cards.

What router and modem should I use for my network?

We strongly recommend having a stand alone router and modem. The Netgear R7000 Nighthawk wireless router is the preferred hardware choice. Check out our Networking Best Practices to learn more.

Do I need a wireless range extender?

Not necessarily. A wireless range extender is beneficial if the receipt printer or cash drawer cannot be directly plugged into your router because it is located too far from the register. Our Networking Best Practices guide illustrates where to place a router and how far your range extender should be if necessary.

What should my internet connection speed be?

Internet speeds should include a minimum upload speed of 2 Mbps (megabits per second) and latency or “ping” of under 60-80 ms (milliseconds).

Where can I find my network and printer’s IP address?

The WiFi network’s IP address can be found in the iOS device’s Settings app and your printers IP address can be found by printing out the diagnostics directly from the printer. Follow the TSP100 Troubleshooting and SP700 Troubleshooting guides to get your IP addresses.

What should I do if my receipt printer prints “No Host Connection”?

This is an internet connection error. Follow the suggestions on our printer troubleshooting guides to correct the issue.

Hardware Specifications

Which devices are compatible with the Ambur app?

Follow our Ambur App Best Practices guide to learn about downloading and running Ambur on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch compatible with iOS 8.3 and up.

Where should I buy hardware?

Hardware should be purchased from the Ambur Sales team. Contact Sales at 866.836.0050 or sales@amburcloud.com.

Can I use a Bluetooth receipt printer with Ambur?

Unfortunately, wireless printers are not supported by Ambur. The TSP100 Ethernet printer and SP700 Ethernet Ticket printer are the two printers we support.

Can I use an Epson receipt printer with Ambur?

At this time, Ambur does not support Epson printers.

My iDynamo is plugged in but won’t read any cards. What could be the problem?

If it was not purchased directly from Ambur, then it is probably not properly encrypted for Ambur and will not read credit cards. If it was purchased from Ambur, visit our iDynamo Troubleshooting page to find a potential solution. If further assistance is needed, then contact support@amburcloud.com.

Does it matter which device I make the Hub or the Client?

Any compatible iOS device can be made the Hub or a Client. Generally, an iPad will be the Hub device, while a client device could be an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Learn more about Setting Up and Managing Devices on our handy guide.

How many Hubs can I have?

You can only have one Hub per license. View license pricing options here.

How many devices can I use at once?

The number of devices allowed per license depends on your chosen pricing plan. All licenses can only have one Hub device. The number of clients that can be linked to the Hub depends on the pricing plan.

Does hardware come with a warranty?

Hardware purchased from Ambur comes with a 1 year, from the date of purchase, limited warranty. Hardware can be returned within 30 days of purchase if it’s in proper condition. Contact support@amburcloud.com to find out more and see if your hardware is eligible.

How can I replace my cash drawer keys?

Keys can be replaced by contacting an Ambur Sales Specialist at sales@amburcloud.com or by contacting Ambur Support at support@amburcloud.com.

How can I return the hardware I’ve ordered?

If your hardware is within warranty, contact support@amburcloud.com to initiate the return. Please provide Ambur Support with the order number and the hardware’s serial number.

What type of paper does my printer need?

Printer paper depends on the type of printer you have. The TSP100 Ethernet printer requires thermal paper and the SP700 Ethernet printer takes one or two-ply impact paper. Our Best Practices page address more paper specifications.

Do I need to replace the ink in any of my printers?

The TSP100 Ethernet printer does not require ink as it is a thermal printer. The SP700 does require ink and could potentially need a new ink ribbon if the ink appears to be faint or illegible. Visit the SP700 Setup guide to learn how to replace the ink ribbon.

Hardware Functions

What are printer groups?

Printer Groups determine which menu items print to which printer. Set up multiple printers and follow our Receipt/Ticket Printing guide to find out how to print to specific stations.

Can I prevent my employees from editing printer settings?

Yes, you can! When setting up printer Permissions, restrict access to employees by skipping their user group when setting up the printer.

How do I open the cash drawer without making a sale?

If you are part of a User Group with Permissions to open the cash drawer, you can follow the Cash Drawer Setup guide to get the quick steps.

Can kitchen tickets print to the TSP100?

Yes, both tickets and receipts can print from the TSP100 Ethernet printer. Follow the TSP100 Ethernet printer Setup guide to learn how to make the TSP100 print tickets.

Can I change the font size and color of text on paper and ticket receipts?

The font size can be changed for the TSP100 Ethernet printer, but can’t be changed for the SP700 Ticket printer. Receipt color can only be changed to red on SP700 ticket notes.

How do I change Hubs?

The Hub device can be changed by following the Changing Hubs article. Backup your database prior to switching Hub devices.

Can multiple devices print to a single receipt or ticket printer?

Yes, multiple devices can print to a single receipt or ticket printer. Just set up the printer on each device.

Is it possible to not print receipts automatically after accepting payment?

Yes, it is possible to restrict printing to after the order has been manually closed only. Check out Permissions and Settings troubleshooting guides to learn how to change these specifications.

How do I set up my kitchen ticket printer?

The SP700 Ethernet ticket printer is an impact printer ideal for harsh kitchen environments. Follow the SP700 Setup guide for the easy setup steps.

The TSP100 can also be configured as a ticket printer. Follow the Setup guide to learn how to do so.