Reporting FAQ

Reports give you an easy-to-read breakdown of transactions, payroll, shift summaries, and more. Below are some common questions that may arise regarding in-app and Ambur Cloud reporting.

Table of Contents

In-App Reporting

Questions pertaining to our robust in-app reports are touched on below.

Where can I find reports within the app?

All in-app reports can only be accessed on the Hub device by users with proper permissions. Find them under the Management tab.

Is there a way to limit the employees who are able to view reports?

Yes, there is a way to limit employee access. Follow the steps listed on our Reporting Overview article.

Can I download or email reports directly from the iOS device?

After running a report you can print, email, message, or view it directly from the device. Learn more about reports on the Reporting guide.

What is the difference between a normal report and detailed report?

The detailed version lists specific transactions that make up the totals, whereas the basic report just lists totals. Not all reports have a detailed version, but check out the Reporting guide to see how to run a detailed report.

Do reports reflect both open and closed orders?

All reports only reflect orders that have accepted payment and been closed. Open orders will not be shown in any in-app reports.

Cloud Reporting

Visit Ambur Cloud for live sales reports and other charted metrics. This section addresses questions regarding Ambur Cloud reporting.

Are all my business locations reflected in the Ambur Cloud reporting?

Yes, each location is represented in a separate report. Locations are labeled at the top of each report.

Can I download or email reports from Ambur Cloud?

Reports from Ambur Cloud can not be downloaded or emailed directly from the site. Take a snapshot or screenshot of your screen to document these reports if necessary.

Does the Daily Summary email get sent everyday?

The email will be sent if you’ve checked the box in your Preferences tab and if there has been location activity in the last 7 days.

Can the Ambur Cloud Daily Summary be re-sent?

The Daily Summary can’t be re-sent, but the data from the report can be found on the in-app Shift Summary report.

How far back can I pull reports for?

Each report reflects its own specific timeframe ranging from live to 90 days. Check out our Ambur Cloud Reporting guide to learn more about each report. Check out our various in-app reporting options for more detailed reporting options.

Are these the only reports that Ambur offers?

Currently, these are the only reports offered on Ambur Cloud. There are a number of other in-app reports that can be viewed and emailed from the Hub.