Setup FAQ

View answers to frequently asked questions that arise while setting up Ambur, including who to speak to about purchasing hardware, creating your menu, and adding employees.

Table of Contents

Account Settings

Who can I speak to about setting up an Ambur account?

With some information about your business, we can get you setup. Give us a call at 866-836-0050 or send us an email at

Where can I purchase hardware?

Chat with a POS Specialist at 866-836-0050 or email to find out what hardware is right for your business.

Can I download Ambur to any device?

Ambur can be run on any compatible iOS device.

Where can I download the Ambur app?

Download the Ambur app from the App Store.

What is Ambur Cloud?

Ambur Cloud is an account management resource for tracking sales data, updating contact information, adding/removing business locations, and more.

What are Hubs and Clients?

The Hub is the main device which stores the restaurant’s menu, orders, settings, and more. Ambur automatically sets the device you create your account on as the Hub. Clients are devices connected to the hub.

How can I add clients to the Hub?

Add as many client devices as your rate plan allows by downloading Ambur and linking to the hub.

How can I add or remove registers from my rate plan?

Once you have decided on a rate plan, contact your POS Specialist to update your plan.

Register Settings

How can I set up my account to accept credit cards?

Click here to learn how to set up your account for credit card processing.

How can I add tenders (gift cards, checks, etc.)?

Create tenders from the Payment Methods settings on the Management tab.

Can I add a customer list?

Yes, set up customers in Ambur to automatically apply discounts/fees to their orders, track additional reservation details, and see who stops by most frequently.

How do I add my menu?

Menu items can be created two ways: One at a time, or by importing a spreadsheet file.

How can I set the tax rate?

Manage tax rates from the Tax Rates settings from the Management tab.

How can I create my table layout?

Create the table layout from the Table Layout settings in the Management tab.

How can I add employees?

Create users from the Users settings from the Management tab.

How can I limit what employees have access to?

Manage Permissions to decide what users have access to.

How can I create login codes for employees?

Create unique login codes for users from Users settings.

How can I disable the ‘number of guests’ prompt?

Turn off this prompt by toggling off the “prompt for table name/# of guests” option in the Settings menu.

How can I create discounts and fees?

Create discounts and fees from the Discounts and Fees settings.

Hardware Settings

How can I tell if clients are linked to the hub?

View connected clients from the Devices list.

How can I tell if the printers are setup?

See connected printers from the Printers menu.

How can I set up which receipts or tickets print to which printers?

Set printer settings from the Printers menu. Click here learn the ins and outs of setting up printers.

Where can I view my connected card readers?

Card readers are displayed under the Management menu. Tap ‘Card Readers’ to view connected devices.