Using the Register FAQ

From logging in and splitting payments to applying coupons and discounts, view some frequently asked questions and answers that emerge while using the register.

Table of Contents

Login and Access

How do I Login?

Logging in is done on the home screen using your register code.

Can I change the automatic timed logout?

Register default sign out time is one minute. Click here to learn how to change the setting.

How do employees clock in?

Employees clock in from the order screen.

How can I see clients connected to the hub?

View connected clients from the Devices list.

Sales and Refunds

Can customers pay with credit cards?

Yes! After you have set up your processing account and you are ready to accept credit cards, follow our guide to learn how to run transactions.

Can a customer pay with two different cards or half cash, half credit, etc.?

Yes, payment tenders can be split. Use our split payment article to learn how.

Can I refund a transaction?

Yes! Click here to learn the steps to complete a refund.

Can I apply discounts?

Discounts can be applied on the order screen by percentage or dollar amount.

How do I reprint receipts?

Reprint customer receipts from the menu on the order screen.

How do I use coupons?

Use coupons on the order screen to enter the one-time use coupon code and apply the discount.

Can I merge or split checks?

Yes, checks can be merged or split from the order screen.

How can I remove tax from a transaction?

Remove taxes from a transaction by using the Tax Exempt feature.

Order Screen Functions

How can I see closed checks?

View closed checks by tapping Closed on the menu.

Can I search for menu items?

Use the search field from the menu on the order screen to search for items.

Can I view one category at a time?

Yes, select a category from the menu section to view just those items.

How can I change the owner of a check?

Change the user who owns the check from the order screen.

How can I return to the table layout from the menu screen?

To return to the Table Layout from the order screen, tap the Table Layout icon.

Can I take reservations?

Save, view, and send reservations from the reservations page.

Where can I find reporting?

Reporting is found in the Management tab under Reports.

Can I add a tip to a transaction at a later time?

Yes, tips can be added later. View our tips and gratuity article to learn how.

Can I add notes to a sale?

Yes! Add notes to an item by selecting the item and tapping Notes.