Best Practices for the
Ambur App

Keep your Ambur app and iOS software up to date for smooth sailing! Ambur offers new features, bug fixes, and stronger performance with each update. It’s always best to run the latest version of the app with the most current version of iOS.

Ambur is designed for iPads, iPhones, and iPods only.

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Ambur Register App

Your business thrives when the register functions seamlessly. Always keep your app updated and your hardware current in order to avoid any issues.

Supported Versions

We currently support the latest version of the app. The latest Ambur version is 2.9.3.

Read Ambur App release notes for more information of what’s included in each version.

If you have an older version and come across an issue, please update first. If the issue persists, contact DO NOT delete the app unless asked to by a Customer Care Advisor. You may run the risk of permanently deleting register data by deleting the app.

Click here to learn how to update Ambur

How to Check Your Version

To keep your business operating efficiently, keep Ambur updated. Follow this guide to easily update the app if necessary.

  1. Sign In.
  2. Tap the 'Globe' icon.
  3. Select 'System Status'.
  4. View the Ambur version.

    Among other information, you will also find the device model and iOS version on this screen.

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  5. Update the App if necessary

    Click here to learn how to update

iOS Devices

Ambur runs most efficiently on the latest iOS devices and software. These suggestions help to provide an optimal experience for your business.

Supported Models / Versions

These suggested devices and versions help to keep Ambur functioning flawlessly for you.


iPad | iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad 4
iPhone | iPhone 5 and up
iPod Touch | 5th Generation and up


8.3 and up

How to Check Your Model / Version

Keep track of your device’s model and iOS version to keep in line with Ambur’s recommendations for excellent app performance. Easily find this information in your device’s Settings app.

  1. Tap 'Settings'.
  2. Select 'General' and tap 'About'.
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  3. View the device's iOS version.
  4. To find the model name, enter the serial number here.
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For Ambur to run seamlessly, configure the following iOS device settings. Find these in the Settings application on your device.

Automatic Updates

Disable Automatic Updates to keep the iOS device from installing app updates on its own. Always update the app during NON-BUSINESS HOURS to avoid any disruptions to your day.

  1. Tap 'Settings' then scroll down and choose 'iTunes & App Store'.
  2. Tap to toggle 'Updates' off.
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Remember to look out for update releases! Follow these steps to manually update the app.


Auto-Lock puts your iOS device to sleep after a specified amount of time. Avoid disconnecting hubs and clients by setting Auto-Lock to NEVER.

  1. In 'Settings', tap 'Display & Brightness' and select 'Auto-Lock'.
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  2. Choose 'Never'.

Lock / Unlock

If the iOS device is in a case that has a cover, disable the Lock / Unlock setting so the device does not turn off when the cover is closed. That way, the hub or clients do not disconnect. Note that this feature only appears in the Display & Brightness Settings once the case is on.

  1. In 'Settings', tap 'Display & Brightness'.
  2. Tap to toggle 'Lock / Unlock' off.
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