Best Practices for
Network Setup

Ambur relies on a strong Wi-Fi network to share data between devices. An internet connection is not required, but some functions (e.g. credit card sales) do need it.

Table of Contents

General Recommendations

Specific requirements for setting up a network can vary, but start with these general recommendations.

  1. Use a dedicated router (not a modem/router combination) and broadband internet connection.
  2. Connect Ambur devices to a password protected network not shared with other devices.
  3. Follow the router’s startup guide for detailed setup instructions.
  4. Make sure there is strong, reliable internet connection.
  5. It is best to connect devices directly to the router whenever possible.
  6. If range extenders are needed, place them within 40 feet of the router.
  7. Disable any secondary or guest networks. Instead, use a separate router for guest networks.

Hardware & Connection Speed

Make sure to have the right hardware and connection speed so everything runs smoothly.

Modem/Router Combos
Internet providers often supply a single device that works as both a modem and router. Put a modem/router combo in bridge mode and connect a separate router for a more reliable setup.

Connection Speed
We recommend a minimum upload speed of 2 Mbps (megabits per second) and latency or “ping” of under 60-80 ms (milliseconds). Talk to your internet provider or run a speed test to check connection speed.

Consider purchasing an upgraded internet package if the restaurant uses the same connection to stream music, offer Wi-Fi to guests, etc. All of these actions affect bandwidth.

Router Placement

The physical location of a router can affect the strength and reliability of a device’s connection.

Open and Elevated

Set up the router in an open area central to the registers’ location. Because of how Wi-Fi signals travel, it is best to elevate the device. Do not put it under a countertop, in a closet, etc.

Avoid Obstructions

There should be no major barriers obstructing the line of sight between register(s) and router. This includes brick/concrete walls, metal fixtures, or any other large objects.

Avoid Sources of Interference

Anything that emits a wireless signal can potentially interfere with a network. Set up at least a few feet away from cordless phones, microwaves, wireless cameras, and similar devices.

Distance Away

A network’s range depends on the router in use and environmental factors. Set up the router within about 30 feet of registers. There should be at least two Wi-Fi signal bars lit up on each connected device.