Best Practices for
Printers & Cash Drawers

This guide will help you take care of your hardware. From cleaning to operation advice, our suggestions can greatly extend the life of your printer(s) and cash drawer(s).

Table of Contents

All Printers

  1. Keep printer away from heat, moisture, dust, and direct sunlight.
  2. Place the printer on a secure, level surface.
  3. Use a Splash Cover to protect the printer from its environment.
  4. If a foreign object enters the printer, turn the power switch off and disconnect the power from the outlet before attempting to remove.
  5. DO NOT lift the cover(s) while printing.
  6. Keep printer clear of any device that may obstruct the wifi signal, such as microwaves.
  7. Unplug printer from the power outlet when it isn't being used for a prolonged period of time.
  8. Maintain a direct connection to the router for secure connectivity.

TSP100 Ethernet Printer

  1. This is a thermal printer and requires thermal receipt paper.

    The incorrect type of paper can cause paper jams, blank printing, and potential hardware damage.

  2. DO NOT touch the thermal head of the printer.

    touch the thermal head of the printer. Doing so may cause it to become dirty, potentially decreasing the print quality.

  3. DO NOT operate the printer in humid conditions, such as a hot kitchen environment.

SP700 Ethernet Printer

  1. This is an impact printer. Choose between two types of impact ticket paper: one or two ply.
  2. If printing becomes faint, the ink ribbon may need to be replaced.
  3. Turn off and unplug the printer before removing any paper jams.
  4. To clean the printer's exterior, use a cloth dampened with water, rubbing alcohol, or detergent.

    DO NOT allow any liquid to fall inside the printer.

  5. Clean the inside of the printer with a dry cloth by removing dust from the thermal head surface.

    Turn off the printer before attempting to do so.

Cash Drawers

  1. Keep the cash drawer on a sturdy and level surface.
  2. Reduce stress on the drawer by switching tills if the drawer becomes too full.
  3. Keep the sides of the drawer clean.

    Use a dry cloth to clean any dirt or debris from the tracks and wheels. DO NOT use water or liquid cleaner.

  4. The cash drawer must be connected to the receipt printer for the drawer to open during cash sales or when tapping 'Open Drawer'.

    Remember to make sure the permissions are set properly to trigger the drawer to open after a sale.

  5. Manually open the cash drawer by using the included keys.

    DO NOT attempt to force the drawer open. Replacement keys are available for purchase if necessary.

Order Hardware & Supplies

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