Cash Drawer Setup

The cash drawer securely holds cash during the business day. Connect the drawer, test that it works, and toggle some extra settings that control when it opens.

Table of Contents

Connect the Cash Drawer

The cash drawer connects with Ambur through the receipt printer. Make sure to set up the receipt printer first before plugging in the drawer.

  1. Insert the small end of the cash drawer cable into the printer's 'DK' port.

    The cash drawer cable ships with the drawer.

  2. Connect the large end of the cable to the bottom of the cash drawer.

    The cable has two different sized heads, make sure the small end is connected to the printer and the large end is connected to the drawer.

Test the Cash Drawer

Once the cash drawer is set up, open Ambur and check that it works. Use these same steps to manually open the drawer at any time.

  1. Tap the globe and select 'Open Cash Drawer'.

    Drawer not opening? Visit our Cash Drawer Troubleshooting guide for help

Cash Drawer Settings

Customize when the cash drawer opens with some additional settings. Visit our TSP100 Printer Setup and Settings articles for more information.

Open Drawer on Print? | When toggled on, the drawer automatically opens when a receipt prints.
This setting is found on the Printers screen.

Open Cash Drawer on Order close | When toggled on, the drawer automatically opens whenever an order is closed.
This setting is found on the Settings screen.