iDynamo Setup

The iDynamo is a plug and play credit card reader that connects to your device’s charging port. Before connecting this reader, make sure to set up credit card processing.

Table of Contents

iDynamo Setup

Attach an adapter sleeve to the iDynamo and plug it into an iPad/iPhone. To charge the device with the reader connected, just plug in a micro USB cable.

You must buy an Ambur encrypted iDynamo. Readers purchased elsewhere do not work with Ambur.

Adapter Sleeves

The iDynamo comes with adapter sleeves that stabilize the connection between the reader and device.

    • You must use an adapter sleeve with the WindFall iPad stand or if not using a stand.

    Left: WindFall Stand; Right: No Stand

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    • Other stands may not be compatible with the adapter sleeves.
    1. Pick the correct sleeve for your device.

      The name of the compatible device is etched on the sleeve as shown below.

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    2. Align the prongs on the sleeve with holes on the iDynamo.
    3. Push the two pieces together until you hear a click.

    Connect to Device

    With the correct adapter sleeve attached, connect the iDynamo directly to an iPad or iPhone.

    1. Plug the iDynamo into the charging port of your device.

    Micro USB Charging Cable

    Use a micro USB cable to charge your device while keeping the iDynamo connected.

    1. Attach the reader (and adapter sleeve if required) to the device.
    2. Plug the micro USB cable into the port on the back of the reader.
    3. Connect the other end to the device's charging adapter.

    Only charge a device when needed to prevent overcharging and wear on the reader/cable.

    Test the Connection

    Once the iDynamo is connected to the iPad or iPhone, log in to make sure Ambur detects it.

    1. In Ambur, tap the globe and select 'System Status'.
    2. If connected, 'MagTek status' should say 'connected'.
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    If ‘MagTek status’ says ‘disconnected’, visit our iDynamo Troubleshooting guide for help.