How to Export Your Data

The Ambur point of sale system will be retired in May 2021. Data must be exported before that date. You can export Ambur Cloud reports as Google spreadsheets, or email them as PDF or Excel files. For the date range, choose “all online data” so you have a complete record of your business.  For in-app reporting you can share .CSV reports via AirDrop, email, or 3rd-party apps and print (to a connected receipt printer) or email non-exportable reports.

You can download all your reports including these commonly valued ones: Payroll, Item Sales, Customers to CSV, and Item Inventory, Sales, & Cost Analysis to CSV.

It only takes a few minutes to export each report. If you run into issues exporting your data, please email for assistance.

Table of Contents

Export Ambur Cloud Reports

Ambur Cloud offers easy access to all your sales reports from anywhere using any web browser.

  1. Click on a report from the ‘Reports’ section of Ambur Cloud.

    To learn what is included in each report, visit the Ambur Cloud Reports Overview section below

  2. Hover over 'Time period' to select ‘All online data’.
  3. Hover over the 'Export' button and select an export method.


The Discounts report tracks how frequently discounts are being used, which discounts are most popular, and which users/employees are applying discounts to orders. This report is a key loss-prevention resource.

Visit our Ambur Cloud Discounts Report article to learn about this report.

Item Sales

The Item Sales report will give you an overview of which menu items are selling. Customize, sort, and filter this information to discover new insights about your item sales.

Visit our Item Sales Report article to learn about this report.

Modifier Sales

The Modifiers Sales report will tell you more about your modifiers, including which are most popular and which bring in the most revenue.

Visit our Modifier Sales Report article to learn about this report.


The Payments report summarizes the order payments received by your business. View total payments or look at payments by type, location, or staff.

Visit our Payments Report article to learn about this report.


Like the in-app Payroll Report, the Shifts report will tell you which employees worked and includes their hours, wages, and total money earned.

Visit our Shifts Report article to learn about this report.


The Orders report will give you detailed information about your store’s orders. See orders by location, which staff member created the order, and more!

Visit our Orders Report article to learn about this report.

Export and Send In-App Reports

In-app reports must be run directly from your Hub device.

View detailed reporting data by exporting select reports as CSV spreadsheet files, which can be viewed on your iOS device, shared via email, and manipulated in spreadsheet software like Excel, or by emailing or printing non-exportable reports.

  1. On the Hub device, tap 'Management' and select 'Reports'.
  2. Select a date and time range.
  3. Choose a report and tap 'Run Report'.
  4. After the report is generated, choose how to receive it.

    For Non-Exportable Reports, select ‘Print’, ‘Email’, ‘Message’, or ‘View’.

    For exportable CSV Reports, share the report via AirDrop, email, or a 3rd-party app.

.CSV Reports Overview

Orders to CSV | Shows date/time, employee, # of guests, and other information for each order.
Payments to CSV | Provides the date/time, order name, total, and other information for each payment.
Customers to CSV | Generates a list of customers with contact details, number of orders, and revenue.
Item Inventory, Sales, Cost Analysis to CSV | Gives sales, cost, and category details for each item sold.

Non-Exportable Reports Overview

Shift Report | Shows tip, void, and payment information by employee.
Totals by Payment Type | Displays subtotal, tip, and number of payments by payment type.
Totals by User | Provides order payment totals by employee.
Tips | Provides tip information for each employee.
Voids | Shows the items each employee has voided.
Discounts and Fees | Shows details about discounts/fees applied on orders.
Item Sales | Generates a detailed list of menu items sold.
Reservations | Displays all completed reservations.
Payroll | Shows each employee’s hours worked and wages.
Credit Payments | Displays details of credit transactions.

Export your Menu

  1. Tap 'Management' and select 'Settings'.
  2. Tap the action button and select 'Export Menu as CSV'.
  3. Choose how to view or share the file.