At a Glance Reports

The At a Glance reports provide a high-level analysis of sales activity at your restaurant. Take a live look at today, review yesterday’s numbers, or dig deeper with the 5 specialized sales graphs.

Access At a Glance by simply logging into Ambur Cloud or by clicking ‘At a Glance’ on the sidebar.

Table of Contents

Live Sales

The first section of reporting displays a live look at each location’s open and closed orders. Everything updates in real-time as long as devices are connected to the internet.

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Guests | Combined number of guests on all users’ orders.
Gross Sales | Total value of all orders before tax, discounts/fees, and tips.
Discounts | Total amount of discounts applied.
Fees | Total amount of fees applied.
Net Sales | Total value of orders including tax, discounts/fees, and tips.
Tax | Total tax collected on all orders.
Tip | Total tip amount.
Revenues | Net Sales plus Tax plus Tip.

Payments | Total amount received from closed orders
Payment Type | The payment method that was accepted.
Tip | The amount of tips accepted for the payment type.
Total | The amount of tips and payments accepted via the payment type.

Given Tip | Amount of tips applied to orders, not including tips applied using presets.
Auto Tip | Amount of tips applied using presets.

Yesterday's Sales

Below today’s live sales are yesterday’s sales totals. This report contains the same information as the live section above it, just for the previous day.

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Notice a discrepancy between Payments and Net Sales? It means an order was left open overnight. Net Sales includes open and closed orders; Payments includes only closed orders.

Sales History Graph

This graph is a visual representation of each location’s gross sales by dollar amount over time. Dates are marked along the bottom axis for reference.

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Top Performers Graph

This graph ranks the best performing users over the past 7 days by the amount of gross sales they generated on their orders.

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  1. Click a blue bar to see that user's sales broken down by item
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  2. Click a white area on the item detail graph to return to the default view.
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Top Items Graph

This graph displays the most popular menu items from the past 30 days. The bars indicate the number of times each item was ordered.

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Top Modifiers Graph

This graph shows which modifiers generated the greatest amount of revenue over the previous 30 days.

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  1. Click a bar on the graph to see more info.

    For example, click ‘Bacon’ to see the top menu items on which that modifier option was sold.

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  2. Click another bar to drill down even further.

    Or, click any white area to return to the default view.

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  3. Select one of the 'View by' buttons to change the view.

    option | The default view. Ranks modifier options according to which sold most.
    type | Shows which modifiers (groups that contain the options) generated the most revenue.
    item | Displays which menu items made the most money from modifiers.

This final graph shows the restaurant’s average gross sales for each day of the week by hour. The darker the color, the higher the sales.

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  1. Click the buttons at the top to see averages for the last 7, 14, 30, or 90 days.
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