Item Inventory, Sales,
Cost Analysis

Get an in-depth look at your sold items in spreadsheet format with stock levels and business costs. Continue reading below for a full explanation of the data included in this report.

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Each item sold over the selected date range is listed on its own row with the following information:
Name | Name of the menu item.
Stock Quantity | Quantity of the item on hand.
# sold | Quantity of the item sold during the selected date range.
Business Cost | Total cost of the sold item to the business.
Subtotal | Total revenue coming from sales of the item. Excludes tax, tips, and discounts/fees.
Tax | Total tax on sales of the item. Excludes discounts/fees.
Total | Total dollar amount sold (Subtotal plus Tax).
Printer Group | The printer group the item belongs to.
Menu Category | The category the item is associated with.

After the break, the report gives the same details for each menu category and totals for the entire report.

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