Orders to CSV Report

Use the Orders to CSV report when you need to export a comprehensive view of your sales data in spreadsheet format. Continue reading below for a full explanation of the data included in this report.

Need help running this report? Visit our CSV Reporting Overview article for help.

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Each order over the selected date range is listed on its own row with the following information:
Date Closed | Date and time the order was closed.
Date Created | Date and time the order was opened.
Order Type | Name of the order type assigned to the order.
Name | Name given to the order.
User | Name of the user who handled the order.
# of Guests | Number of guests on the order.
Item Total | Order total before discounts, fees, tax, and tips.
Discounts | Amount of discounts applied to the order.
Fees (tips) | Amount of tips applied to the order as fees.
Fees (other) | Amount of non-tip fees added to the order.
Tax | Total tax amount for the order.
Tip | Total tips added to the order (not including tips applied as fees).