Payroll Report

Use the Payroll report to figure out how much to pay your employees. This report breaks down each user’s hourly wage along with their hours worked as determined by clock in/out times.

To learn how users clock in and out for their shift, visit the Shifts article.

Table of Contents

Run the Report

Run the Payroll report for an overview of the shifts your employee worked over a specific date range.

In-app reports must be run directly from your Hub device. Not at the restaurant? Use Ambur Cloud to view reporting from anywhere you have access to the internet.

  1. On the Hub device, tap 'Management' and select 'Reports'.

    Don’t see ‘Management’? Only users with management permissions can access this menu.

  2. Select a date and time range.
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    Use last few hours | Allows you to view information for the last few hours of the current date.

  3. Select 'Payroll' and tap 'Run Report'.
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  4. After the report is generated, choose how to receive it.

    Print | Print the report to a connected receipt printer.
    Email | Send the report in an email from the email account set up on your device.
    Message | Send the report via the Messages app from the iMessage account set up on your device.
    View | Look at the report right on your device.

Read the Report

Learn to read the Payroll report to understand the shifts your employees have worked.

Header | Contains the report’s date/time range and when it was run.

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Users are listed alphabetically with their shift information below their name:
User | Name of the user.
Hourly Wage | How much the user is paid per hour as determined by their User Group.
Date and Time | For each shift: start date/time, end date/time, shift length, and wages earned.

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The next section shows combined totals for all of a user’s shifts:
[User] Worked | Number of hours worked by user.
[User] Earned | Wages earned by user (hourly wage multiplied by hours worked).
[User] Claimed Tips | Amount of tips claimed by user when they clocked out.
Total Earned for [User] | Wages earned by user.
Total Worked for [User] | Number of hours worked by user.

Total Earned | Total combined wages for all users on the report.