In-App Reporting Overview

Ambur’s reporting empowers you with detailed information about your restaurant’s operations. Learn how to run reports, restrict employee access to reporting, and understand each report’s content.

Watch our Reporting Overview video below:

Table of Contents

Access and Run Reports

Users with management permissions can run reports in a few easy steps. All reports are based on orders that have been closed at the register.

In-app reports must be run directly from your Hub device. Not at the restaurant? Use Ambur Cloud to view reporting from anywhere you have access to the internet.

  1. On the Hub device, tap 'Management' and select 'Reports'.

    Don’t see ‘Management’? Only users with management permissions can access this menu.

  2. Select a date and time range.
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    Use last few hours | Allows you to view information for the last few hours of the current date.
    Detailed Report | Toggle this on to view a more detailed version of the selected report.

  3. Select a report.
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  4. (optional) Tap 'Includes' to select specific employees to include on the report.

    Otherwise, the report will be run for all employees.

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  5. Tap 'Run Report'.
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  6. After the report is generated, choose how to receive it.

    For Non-Exportable Reports, select ‘Print’, ‘Email’, ‘Message’, or ‘View’.

    Print | Print the report to a connected receipt printer.
    Email | Send the report in an email from the email account set up on your device.
    Message | Send the report via the Messages app from the iMessage account set up on your device.
    View | Look at the report right on your device.

    For exportable CSV Reports, share the report via AirDrop, email, or a 3rd-party app.

Restrict Employee Access

Perhaps you want managers to be able to run reports, but not servers. Follow the steps in this section to limit employee access so only certain users can run reports.

  1. Add specific employees to a User Group you'd like to restrict.
  2. Tap 'Management' and select 'Permissions'.
  3. Choose a User Group to restrict.
  4. Select 'Actions & Ordering'.
  5. Toggle off 'Access to Management'.

    The selected User Group will no longer be able to access any options on the Management menu.

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Report Descriptions

Some reports cannot be exported from Ambur, while others are only available as .CSV spreadsheet files. Explore the different types of reports below and learn what is contained in each.

Non-Exportable Reports

Shift Report | Shows tip, void, and payment information by employee.
Totals by Payment Type | Displays subtotal, tip, and number of payments by payment type.
Totals by User | Provides order payment totals by employee.
Tips | Provides tip information for each employee.
Voids | Shows the items each employee has voided.
Discounts and Fees | Shows details about discounts/fees applied on orders.
Item Sales | Generates a detailed list of menu items sold.
Reservations | Displays all completed reservations.
Payroll | Shows each employee’s hours worked and wages.
Credit Payments | Displays detail of credit transactions.

CSV Reports

Orders to CSV | Shows date/time, employee, # of guests, and other information for each order.
Payments to CSV | Provides the date/time, order name, total, and other information for each payment.
Customers to CSV | Generates a list of customers with contact details, number of orders, and revenue.
Item Inventory, Sales, Cost Analysis to CSV | Gives sales, cost, and category details for each item sold.