Ambur Cloud - About Me

The About Me section of Ambur Cloud is all about you, the business owner. Tell us your name, how we can get in touch, and change your password if you need to.  

Table of Contents

Account Owner Contact Information

Fill in the About Me section with contact details so we know who owns your account. If anything changes, return here to update your phone number, address, etc.

  1. Click 'About Me'.
  2. Enter your contact information.
    Click to Enlarge

    First Name | Enter the account owner first name.
    Last Name | Enter the account owner last name.
    Email | The account owner email address.
    Phone Number | Enter the best contact number.
    Time Zone | Select from the list.
    Language | Select a preferred language.
    Address | Enter the business street address.
    City | Enter the city.
    State / Province | Enter a state or province.
    Zipcode | Provide a zip or postal code.
    Country | Choose a country.

  3. Click ‘Save’.

Change Ambur Cloud Password

Update your password from within Ambur Cloud without ever signing out.

  1. Click ‘Change My Password’ on the bottom left of the page.
  2. Enter your current password and enter a new password.
  3. Click ‘Update Password’.