Ambur Cloud - Subscriptions

A subscription is the monthly or annual payment plan that a business location is on. Select or change a location’s subscription from the Subscriptions screen in Ambur Cloud.

Table of Contents

Select a Subscription

If a location does not have a subscription, select one before the trial period ends to continue using Ambur.

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Location | Each restaurant currently part of this Ambur account.
Subscription | The selected payment plan. Each location must have its own subscription.
Status | The status of an account’s billing: ‘Active’, ‘Past Due’, or ‘Disabled’.
Visit the Ambur Billing Policy to learn how billing works.
Next Billing Date | The next time the location will be billed.
Payment Method | Lists the credit card on file with the option to ‘Change’ it.

  1. Select ‘Subscriptions’.
  2. Click ’Subscribe’ next to a location.
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  3. Choose a plan type from the dropdown menu.
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  4. Select the number of devices needed and click 'Next'.
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  5. Enter payment information and click 'Subscribe'.

Change a Subscription

Upgrade or downgrade to a different plan at any time to change a location’s subscription.

Upgrades are when more devices are added to the same plan type. In this case, a prorated rebate for the unused portion of the existing plan is applied upon upgrade.

Downgrades are when the number of devices are reduced or changed to a different payment schedule. Downgrades do not qualify for a prorated rebate.

Your account is invoiced, billed, and charged immediately after changing a subscription.

  1. Click 'Change' next to a subscription.
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  2. Follow the prompts on screen to select a new subscription.

Cancel a Subscription

Canceling a location’s subscription disables the use of the Ambur app for that location.

You will no longer be able to access reporting data after canceling a subscription. Before canceling, retrieve any reports you want to keep and stop the Hub.

  1. Send an email to from the account owner email address requesting subscription cancellation.