Create categories to organize the restaurant’s menu. With categories, staff can sort the menu to see just a single type of item, like beverages or appetizers.

Table of Contents

Create Categories

Set up categories and fill them with relevant items, like entrées or appetizers, to organize the menu. Menu items can even be placed in multiple categories at once.

Items have a secondary category called the Major Group that is used to organize reporting. Learn more in the Create Your Menu article.

  1. Tap 'Management' and select 'Menu Categories'.
  2. Tap the + button to create a new category.
  3. Fill in the details.

    Name | What the category is called.
    Rank | Number that sets the relative order of categories on the order screen. 0 is first, 1 is next, etc.
    Button Title | Title of the category as it appears on the order screen. Leave blank to use the ‘Name’.
    Hidden? | Toggle on to prevent the category from appearing on the order screen.
    Color | (optional) Pick a color for the buttons of the menu items in the category. This does not override the color set for an individual menu item.

  4. Tap 'Add menu item' and pick menu items to add to the category.

Filter the Menu

Select a category to view only the menu items contained within it. Filter the menu while placing an order or while editing the menu.

  1. Tap 'Open' or 'Menu'.
  2. Select a category to view the items in it.
  3. (optional) Tap the category again to go back to the full menu.

Category Permissions

Use Permissions to fine tune what a group of users can access when creating or editing categories.

  1. Go to 'Permissions' and select a user group.
  2. Choose 'Menu Category'.
  3. Modify permissions as needed:

    Toggle whether users in the group can add or delete categories.

    Select Hide, View, or Edit next to each feature.

    Hide | User Group cannot see the feature at the register.
    View | Ability to view but not change the feature.
    Edit | User group can make changes to the feature.