Create Your Menu

Set up the restaurant’s menu so staff can enter customer orders. Menu items include everything the restaurant sells, from made-to-order dishes to prepackaged food or merchandise.

Table of Contents

Create an Item

Add new menu items one by one from any device, hub or client. For large menus (over 50 items), consider importing the menu from a spreadsheet instead.

  1. Tap 'Menu', then tap the + button.
  2. Fill in the menu item's details:

    Enter as much information as needed.

    Click to Enlarge

    Name | What the item is called. This shows up on customer receipts and reporting.
    Unit Price | How much the restaurant charges for the item.
    Kitchen Name | Name that prints on kitchen tickets. Leave blank to use the item’s name.
    Discountable? | Disable if the item is not discountable.
    Description | Enter information about the item, its ingredients, etc.
    Tap and hold the menu item on the order screen to see its description.
    Prompt for Name? | Allows users to change the name of the item when adding it to an order.
    Prompt for Price? | Allows users to change the price of the item when adding it to an order.
    Stock Quantity | How much of the item is on hand.
    Business Cost | The price the restaurant pays for the item.
    Hidden | Enable this to hide the item on the order screen so users cannot ring it up.
    Color | Tap to pick a color for the item’s button on the menu.
    Color set at the item level overrides button color chosen for a category.
    Barcode | Add a UPC code to scan the item with a compatible barcode scanner.
    Major Group | Select between ‘Food’, ‘Non Alc. Beverages’, ‘Liquor’, ‘Wine’, ‘Beer’, or ‘Misc’, to organize the item for reporting purposes.

  3. Tap to set additional menu item details:

    Printer Group | Add item to a printer group for ticket printing.
    Tax Rate | Assign a tax rate to the item. This overrides the default tax rate.
    Menu Categories | Add the item to a category.
    Modifiers | Add modifiers to the item.
    Delete item | Removes the item from the menu.

Export Menu Items

Generate an export of the restaurant’s menu items to view and analyze them in a spreadsheet.

  1. Tap 'Management' and select 'Settings'.
  2. Tap the action button and select 'Export Menu as CSV'.
  3. Choose how to view or share the file.

Use Permissions to fine tune what a group of users can access when creating or editing menu items.

  1. Go to 'Permissions' and choose a User Group.
  2. Tap 'Menu Item'.
  3. Modify permissions as needed:

    Toggle whether users in the group can add or delete menu items.

    Select Hide, View, or Edit next to each feature.

    Hide | User Group cannot see the feature at the register.
    View | Ability to view but not change the feature.
    Edit | User group can make changes to the feature.