Import a New Menu

Importing allows restaurants to manage new items in a spreadsheet and import the entire menu at once. For restaurants with large menus, this is more efficient than creating the menu one item at a time.

Table of Contents

Create New Menu

Export the existing menu from Ambur to use as a template for importing your new menu.

  1. Tap 'Management' and select 'Settings'.
  2. Tap the action icon and select 'Export Menu as CSV'.
  3. Choose 'Mail' to email a copy of the export to yourself.

    Or, click here to download a blank inventory template.

  4. Open the file and edit using spreadsheet software.

    Select rows with items, right click, and delete the rows. Simply clearing existing data may cause blank items to import.

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    unique ID | Used by the app to distinguish between items.
    *If the ID field is set and has a menu item attached to it, Ambur will update that item.
    **If the ID field is blank, a new item will be created.
    Do not alter menu item IDs. This can cause syncing issues between Hub and Client devices.
    Name | What the item is called. This shows up on customer receipts and reporting.
    Kitchen Name | Name that prints on kitchen tickets. Leave blank to use the item’s name.
    Unit Price | How much the restaurant charges for the item.
    Business Cost | The price the restaurant pays for the item.
    Hidden | Yes or No. If Yes, the item does not display on the menu.
    Discountable? | Yes or No. Decides if the item is able to be discounted.
    Stock Quantity | How much of the item is on hand.
    Prompt for Name? | Yes or No. Allows users to change the name of the item when adding the item to an order.
    Prompt for Price? | Yes or No. Allows users to change the price of the item when adding it to an order.
    Barcode | Add a UPC code to scan the item with a compatible barcode scanner.
    Major Group | Food, Non Alc. Beverages, Liquor, Wine, Beer, or Misc. Used to organize the item for reporting purposes.
    Description | Enter information about the item, its ingredients, etc.
    Printer Group | Add item to a printer group for ticket printing.
    menu categories | Add the item to a category.
    modifiers | Add modifiers to the item.

    Add additional columns to assign more modifiers, menu categories, or printer groups to an item.

  5. Save the spreadsheet as a .CSV (comma separated values) file.

Send Menu to Ambur

With your menu item spreadsheet complete, send it to Ambur for import.

  1. Email a copy of the completed spreadsheet to an email address that syncs with your Hub.
  2. Open the email containing the spreadsheet. Tap and hold the attachment icon.
  3. Scroll left on the menu and select 'Copy to Ambur'.
  4. Ambur opens with a green banner to let you know the file was accepted.
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Import Menu

Finally, complete the import process in Ambur to load your items onto the menu.

  1. Tap 'Management' and select 'Settings'
  2. Tap the action icon and select 'Import Menu CSV'.
  3. Pick a file from the 'Tap to choose file' menu.
  4. If any column headers were changed, tap to select the appropriate fields.
  5. (optional) If starting the menu from scratch, toggle 'delete current menu?' on.

    This removes all menu items, modifiers, printer groups, and categories. If you already created some of these, you will need to re-enter all of their options manually.

  6. Select 'Import Menu Items' and confirm.
  7. (optional) Finish setting up new printer groups and modifiers.