User Group Permissions

Use permissions to set what each User Group is allowed to access. Permissions are great for restricting regular employees from manager-type functions.

Table of Contents

Permission Menu

Navigate to the Permissions screen to begin setting permissions.

  1. Tap 'Management' and select 'Permissions'.
  2. Pick a User Group.
  3. Select a group of permissions to modify.

Permission Groups

Permissions are organized into many different groups. Each group controls a different set of actions that a user group can perform.

Actions & Ordering

The Actions & Ordering permissions group contains actions users can perform and features related to the ordering process.

Use the on/off toggle switches to control the user group’s access to that action.

All Other Permissions

There are separate permissions groups for nearly every feature in Ambur.

The toggle switches indicate whether the user can add or delete the feature.

Use the Hide, View, Edit functions to set how the group can manage the feature.

Hide | User Group cannot see the feature at the register.
View | Ability to view but not change the feature.
Edit | User group can make changes to the feature.

Permission Details

Select a setting to learn what permission functions can be managed.

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