Receipt Format Settings

Customize receipts to manage what prints on them. Put the business name in the header/footer, enable options like suggested tip amounts, and add personalized messages to customers.

Table of Contents

The header appears at the top of receipts and the footer prints at the bottom. Use these to include the restaurant name, location details, website, etc.

  1. Tap 'Management' and select 'Settings'.
  2. Fill in information for 'Receipt Footer' and 'Receipt Header'.

Customize Receipt Formats

Update the format of each receipt to change its layout.

Choose a Receipt Type

Pick which receipt to edit: the customer check, kitchen check, payment slips, or coupon.

  1. Tap 'Management' and select 'Receipt Formats'.
  2. Select a type of receipt to edit.

    Customer check | Itemized receipt showing the order and total. Print this at the end of an order.
    Click for an example of a printed customer check
    Kitchen check | The order ticket that prints to the kitchen.
    Click for an example of a kitchen check
    Payment – for customer | Customer copy of the signature slip that prints for credit card payments.
    Click for an example of the customer payment slip
    Payment – for business | Business copy of the signature slip that prints for credit card payments.
    Click for an example of the business payment slip
    Coupon | Contains the information needed to redeem a coupon.
    Click for an example of a printed coupon

Show/Hide Information

Switch individual lines on or off to show or hide parts of the receipt.

  1. Toggle the switch on/off to show/hide that part.

Enable Suggested Tip

To make it easy for customers to leave gratuity, Ambur provides three suggested tip amounts: 18%, 20%, and 25%.

  1. Choose 'Customer Check', 'Payment - for customer', or 'Payment - for business'.
  2. Toggle 'Suggested tip' on.
  3. Suggested tip amounts print at the bottom of the receipt.

Rearrange the Receipt

Move around receipt lines to change the order that everything prints.

  1. Tap 'Edit'.
  2. Press and hold the three lines.
  3. Drag to a new position on the layout.
  4. Press 'Done' to save changes.

Add Receipt Lines

Add blank space or dashes to separate sections. Enter custom text to share a message or other information with customers.

  1. Press 'Edit'.
  2. Tap 'Add row'.
  3. Choose something to add.

    Text | Enter a custom message or other text.
    Blank space | A gap of blank space between receipt lines.
    Dashed line | A horizontal row of dashes that forms a line.

  4. (optional) To delete, tap on a row and press 'Remove'.
  5. Press 'Done' to save changes.

Reset Formatting

Use the reset feature to quickly restore receipt formatting to default settings.

  1. Choose 'Reset'.

Refresh Formatting

Sometimes new receipt features are added. Upgrade to the latest formatting to check for new functionality.

  1. Tap 'Refresh'.