Update the Ambur App

Keep Ambur running smoothly and take advantage of new features by updating the app whenever a new version is released.

Table of Contents

Before Updating Ambur

There are some important details to be aware of to ensure a successful, stress-free update.

1. Connect to the internet

Devices must be connected to the internet to download updates from the App Store.

2. Turn off Automatic Updates

Open each device’s Settings app, tap iTunes & App Store, and disable Automatic Downloads for Updates to prevent Ambur from unexpectedly updating in the middle of business.

3. Manually Backup Database

Ambur automatically backs up your database every hour, but you can manually back it up prior to updating for safety. Follow the steps in this guide to learn how to manually backup your database.

4. Do not delete or close Ambur

Never delete Ambur if an update takes longer than expected. If Ambur displays ‘Hang Tight! We’re upgrading Ambur’, leave the app open until it goes away. Closing or deleting Ambur will result in data loss.

5. Update during non-business hours to prevent disruptions

Update times vary based on the speed of the internet connection. In some cases, it can take up to 30 minutes to upgrade Ambur’s database after an update is downloaded.

6. Update all devices

Each device must have the same version of Ambur installed. Different versions do not work together.

Update the Ambur App

After reading through the best practices above, update the Ambur App.

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Select 'Updates'.
  3. Tap 'Update'.
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  4. Open Ambur after the download is finished.

    Additional steps may be required after opening Ambur. Continue below for details.

  5. If 'Hang Tight! We're upgrading Ambur' appears, let it run. Do not close Ambur until this message goes away.
  6. If the Hub device gets logged out, tap 'I'm an existing customer', 'Start a hub', and sign in. Tap 'Make this device my new hub' if prompted.
  7. Repeat steps 1-4 on each additional Ambur device.