Settings Troubleshooting

The Settings screen allows you to customize how Ambur looks and functions for all users across all devices. This guide covers common issues and questions related to this part of the app.

Table of Contents

Order Settings Issues

This section focuses on issues pertaining to settings that affect the ordering process.

I want orders to remain open after I process payment.

You can keep orders open beyond initial payment until they are closed manually by a user. This is helpful for restaurants that regularly need to adjust credit transactions.

  1. In Settings, turn off 'Auto Close On Full Cash Payment' and/or 'Auto Close On Full CC Payment'.

Auto Close On Full Cash Payment | Controls if orders close automatically when paid in full with cash.
Auto Close On Full CC Payment | Controls if orders close automatically when paid in full by credit card.

How can I reset the order number?

Each new order increases the order number by 1. Reset it at the end of the day, week, month, or as often as desired.

  1. In Settings, tap 'Current Order #'.
  2. Enter a new order number and tap 'Done'.
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My menu prices include tax, so I do not want additional tax added to orders.

Enable ‘Tax Inclusive Pricing’ and all menu items will ring up at their set unit price. Tax is still collected and tracked, but it gets backed out of each item’s price instead of being added on top.

  1. In Settings, toggle 'Tax Inclusive Pricing' on.

I don't want the table layout to automatically open when someone logs in.

The table layout is switched on by default, but is easy to disable if the restaurant does not use it.

  1. In Settings, turn 'Use Table Layout' off.

Receipt and Ticket Settings Issues

This section covers issues related to settings that affect receipt and ticket printing.

The receipt header and receipt footer appear at the top and bottom, respectively, of receipts. Both are editable from the Settings screen.

  1. In Settings, tap 'Receipt Footer', enter a new footer, and select 'Done'.
  2. Repeat step 1 for 'Receipt Header'.

A warning message appears at the top of reprinted kitchen tickets.

This warning is intended to help kitchen staff discern between new order tickets and reprinted ones. It can be easily disabled if needed.

  1. In Settings, toggle 'Show Reprint Warning' off.

Credit Card Settings Issues

This section focuses on issues pertaining to settings that affect credit card processing.

My credit card receipts stopped printing automatically.

First, troubleshoot the receipt printer itself. If order receipts print normally, check the setting below.

  1. In Settings, toggle 'Auto Print Credit Checks' on.

The credit card ref number did not reset when I closed my batch.

Normally, the credit card reference number reverts back to 1 whenever you settle a batch of transactions. If it does not, just reset it manually.

  1. In Settings, tap 'Current CC Ref #’
  2. Enter a new reference number and tap 'Done'.
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Miscellaneous Settings Issues

This section covers miscellaneous settings issues that do not fit into the categories above.

Why am I being automatically logged out of Ambur?

By default, Ambur logs users out after a minute of inactivity. You can change this amount of time or disable the setting altogether.

  1. In Settings, tap 'Auto Logout After'.
  2. Choose an amount of time, then tap 'Done'.