Ambur App Reports Troubleshooting

Numbers not quite adding up? Here are some solutions for common issues associated with running the reports available in the Ambur app.

Table of Contents

The Items Sales report does not match the day's batch totals.

The Items Sales report gives the price of each menu item, but does not consider the price the customer actually paid. For example, discounts affect what customers pay, but they are not included in the report.

  1. Run the Totals by Payment Type report.

    This report includes discounts, fees, and tips which all impact a customer payment amounts.

I cannot run reports from my client device.

Reports can only be run from the Hub. Client devices are unable to access reporting.

  1. Run the report from the Hub device.

    To learn how to change which device is the Hub, visit our Changing Hubs guide.

Do reports include open orders?

No, in-app reports are based on closed orders only.

The Voids report does not include items deleted from orders.

There is currently no report that lists deleted menu items. If users are deleting items instead of voiding them, follow the steps below to restrict their permissions.

  1. Adjust the 'Actions & Ordering' permissions to disable line item and order deletion.

    With these permissions disabled, users are able to void items and orders but not delete them. Visit our Permissions article to learn how to modify permissions.

  2. Going forward, track voided items with the Voids report.

Where are profit margins tracked?

There is no profit margin report, but you can use the ‘Business Cost’ and ‘Unit Price’ of menu items to manually calculate their profit margins.

  1. Run the Item Inventory, Sales, and Cost Analysis to CSV report.
  2. Open the report in spreadsheet software.
  3. Use the 'Business Cost' column and the 'Subtotal' column to calculate your profit margins.

Is there a report that shows sales by menu category?

No report specifically tracks sales by menu category, but there is an easy way to gather this data.

  1. Run the Item Inventory, Sales, and Cost Analysis to CSV report.
  2. Open the report in spreadsheet software.
  3. Sort the spreadsheet by the 'Menu Category' column.
  4. Calculate the total sales for each menu category.

Is there a report that tracks cash in and cash out?

Cash in and cash out must be manually tracked outside of Ambur. You can, however, retrieve the total amount of cash payments from within the Ambur app.

  1. Run the Totals by Payment Type report.

"No Closed Orders Available".

This error occurs when you run a CSV report for a date/time range that contains no closed orders.

  1. Select a new date/time range and run the report again.