Changing Hubs

If you purchased a new device or no longer have access to the current hub, follow the steps below to learn how to replace it with a different device.

Table of Contents

Stop Hub from the Hub

Save a backup of the existing Hub, then stop the Hub to be able to activate it on another device. If you no longer have access to the existing Hub, visit the Change Hub section below instead.

  1. Tap the globe icon, then 'Stop Hub'.
  2. Back up the Hub.
    • If prompted to back up, tap ‘Back up’ to confirm.
  3. Once the backup is complete, tap ‘Stop Hub’ to confirm.
  4. Download Ambur on the new device and activate the Hub as an existing customer.

Change Hub

If your hub is damaged or stolen, follow the steps to start a new one.

  1. Download Ambur from the App Store and open the app.
  2. Tap 'I'm an Existing Customer'.
  3. Select 'Start a Hub'.
  4. Enter the email address and password, then 'Log in'.
  5. Tap 'Make this iPad my New Hub' in the prompt to set the new Hub device.

    Or, ‘Cancel’ to return to the Start/Connect to Hub screen.

  6. Select 'Start a Hub'. The database will start to restore.
  7. Enter your PIN to begin using the register.