Closing Orders

Closing an order is easy in Ambur! Follow these steps to add tips, apply discounts and fees, split payments, redeem coupons, collect cash, and process card payments before closing an order.

Table of Contents

Apply Discounts / Fees / Tips

Discounts, fees, and tips can be added to an open order as open or specific amounts.

  1. Tap 'Discounts' or 'Fees'.
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  2. Select a discount or fee from the list.

    A tip is a type of fee that is toggled to ‘count as tip’ during its creation. See our Setup Guide for more info.

  3. (Optional) To remove a discount/fee/tip from an order, tap on it and select ‘Remove’.

Apply Coupons

Coupons can be applied to an order as a discount. Coupons are created for single use only. Learn how to generate unique coupon codes here.

  1. Tap 'Coupon'.
  2. Enter coupon code and tap 'Redeem'.

Split Payments

Payments can be split or merged together prior to closing an order. Adjust the payment count to easily split a check into multiple payments.

  1. Tap 'Payment Count' to change the number of payments.
  2. Tap 'Payment Amount' to enter payment received.
  3. Repeat these steps for additional payments.

Processing Cash Tender

Ambur makes accepting cash payments easy by calculating change due and offering the option to apply change as a tip.

  1. Tap 'Payment Amount' to enter cash received.
  2. Tap 'Cash'.
  3. If change is due, the system will calculate and prompt you to choose 'Change' or 'Tip'.
  4. After selecting 'Change' or 'Tip', tap 'Cancel'.

    By default, Ambur is set to close orders upon receiving payment. View how to change this setting here. If the setting is off, you will need to manually tap ‘Close’ to close an order.

Processing Credit / Debit Payments

Ambur offers multiple different ways to accept credit payments. Make sure that you’ve set up credit card processing prior to accepting card payments.

  1. Tap the 'Credit' tender option.
  2. Select an option.

    Select ‘Enter Card’ to scan a card or manually enter a card’s information.

    If set up with integrated credit card processing but use an external terminal (primarily Canadian merchants), an option to ‘Add Without Charging Card’ will appear. This option is for reporting accuracy. No card is actually processed through Ambur with this option.

  3. Tap 'Close'.

View Closed Orders

All closed orders can be viewed or adjusted on the Closed Order screen. Visit a closed order to reopen it, add tip, make adjustments, split, merge, or reprint its receipt.

  1. Tap 'Closed'.
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  2. Select order to view or adjust.
  3. Tap the Action icon to view options.