Course Lines / Fires

Course lines and fires are used for meals that consist of multiple courses where the entire order is entered at once. They help keep the kitchen organized and running efficiently.

Table of Contents

Creating Course Lines & Course Fires

Course lines separate the different courses (e.g. appetizer, entree, dessert etc.) on a kitchen ticket. Course fires are sent to the kitchen to let staff know when to prepare each course.

Check out our support video below:

  1. Create a menu item called 'Course'.
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  2. Tap 'Add Modifier'.
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  3. Tap the + button to add a new modifier. Select 'New Modifier' to edit.
  4. Change the 'Name' to 'Course' and set 'Maximum to Choose' to 1.

    Each course line / fire used represents a single course.

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  5. Tap 'Options' to add new modifier options that correspond with each course.

    Examples include appetizer, entree, dessert, etc.

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  6. Repeat steps 2-5 to create a modifier called 'Fire'.

    Its modifier options should match the courses entered (ex: ‘Fire Appetizer’, ‘Fire Entree’, etc.).

  7. Return to the menu item page, choose 'New Printer Group', and assign a kitchen printer.

Adding Course Lines to an Order

After completing the setup above, add course lines to an order to organize it.

Check out our support video below:

  1. Create a new order that includes the menu items for all courses.
  2. Add the 'Course' item to the order and select a course.
  3. Tap and hold the three bars and drag the 'Course' item above the menu items for that course.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until there are course lines separating each course's items.
  5. Tap 'Send' to print the order to the kitchen.

Printing Course Fires

Course fires print on a separate kitchen ticket and tell the kitchen which course to make from the original order ticket.

  1. Add the 'Course' menu item to the order. Select the *Fire* modifier option that matches the course needing to be prepared.
  2. Tap 'Send' to print a kitchen ticket.

    The kitchen receives a ticket saying ‘Fire Dessert’ and knows to make the items under ‘Dessert’ from the order’s first ticket.