Create, manage, and track customer reservations so the restaurant is ready when a party arrives.

Table of Contents

Create a Reservation

Enter all of a reservations details: time, number of guests, special notes, and more.

  1. Tap 'Reservations' and select the + button.
  2. Fill in the reservation information.

    Name | What the reservation is called in Ambur and on reporting.
    # of Guests | How many guests the reservation is for.
    Date | The date and time the party is scheduled to arrive.
    Notes | Record table preference, allergies, etc.

  3. (Optional) Tap 'Customers' and select customer(s) to attach to the reservation.

    Or, press the + button to create a new customer.

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Share a Reservation

Communicate the details of a reservation to customers or staff by printing, emailing, or messaging.

  1. Choose a reservation.
  2. Tap the Action icon and select 'Share Reservation'.
  3. Choose how to share the reservation.

    Print it, send it in an email or message, or view it on screen.

Reservation Permissions

Use Permissions to fine tune what a group of users can access when adding or editing reservations.

  1. Go to 'Permissions' and choose a user group.
  2. Select 'Reservation’ from the Permissions menu.
  3. Modify permissions as needed.

    Toggle whether users in the group can add or delete reservations.

    Select ‘Hide’, ‘View’, or ‘Edit’ next to each feature.

    Hide | User Group will not see the feature at the register.
    View | Ability to view but not change the feature.
    Edit | User group can make changes to the feature.

Sample Reservations Report

Refer to the Reservations report for a list of all reservations scheduled over a period of time. Visit the Reporting Overview article for help running the report.

Start | Report’s starting date and time.
End | Ending date and time of the report.
Ran on | When the report was generated.

1/6/16 | Date the reservation is scheduled for.
5:40 PM | Time the reservation is scheduled for.
2 | Number of guests that are attending.
Doug | Name of the reservation.
(1st time) | Notes that were entered.