Split an Order

Simplify group payment by splitting a single order into several: one for each member of a party.

The opposite of splitting an order is merging orders together. Visit the Merge Orders article for more info.

Table of Contents

Split an Order

Splitting creates a separate order for each customer’s menu items.

  1. Tap 'Split' on the order screen.
  2. Tap the line '# of Split Checks' to change the number of checks you'll need.
  3. Enter the number of ways to split the order. Tap 'Done'.
  4. Tap and hold the three lines next to an item. Drag the item to another order.
  5. Choose 'Done' to finish the split.

The new orders have the same name as the original with a number added to the end.

One order split into three

Split Order Items

Split individual menu items so diners who are sharing a dish can split the cost.

  1. Tap an item on the splitting screen.
  2. Enter the number of ways to split it and tap 'OK'.
  3. Finish up the split as usual.