Starting Your Day

From starting the hub to running opening reports, restaurants perform many tasks each day before opening to customers. Luckily, starting your day in Ambur is as simple and straightforward as it gets.

Table of Contents

Start the Hub

The Hub stores all of the restaurant’s data and acts as a central server for other client devices. If Ambur is intentionally closed or closes due to inactivity, start the Hub before doing anything else.

  1. Open Ambur and tap 'Start Hub' to go to the login screen.

    For more on the Hub, visit Set Up and Manage Devices.

Connect Clients

After starting the Hub, reconnect all clients. Clients are other devices that run Ambur, like an iPad register or an iPhone that a server uses to send orders to the kitchen.

  1. Open Ambur and tap 'Connect to a Hub'.
  2. Select the Hub device to go to the login screen.

Log In / Clock In

Staff log in to access the register and clock in to start a shift. Shift information is automatically tracked in the Payroll and Shift reports.

  1. Enter your PIN and tap 'Done' on the login screen.
  2. Tap the Globe icon and select 'Clock In'.
  3. Tap 'OK'.
  4. (Optional) Select the Globe icon and 'Log Out' so another user can log in.

    Or, remain logged in to continue using that Ambur device.

Visit the User Groups and Users support article to see how to automatically require staff to clock in as soon as they log in.

Count the Drawer

Record the opening cash amount in a safe location somewhere outside Ambur. At the end of the day, use this amount in conjunction with Ambur’s reporting to manually reconcile the till.

  1. Count the starting amount in the till.
  2. Tap the Globe icon and select 'Open Cash Drawer'.
  3. Place the till in the drawer and close the drawer.

Update the Login Screen Message

Keep staff informed by updating the message that appears on the login screen. Use it to display daily specials, let servers know which menu items to push, or to highlight other important details.

  1. Tap 'Management' and select 'Settings'.
  2. Enter a new 'login screen message'.

The message appears above the keypad so employees see it before they log in.

Check out these reports for important information staff can use to prepare for opening.

Item Sales Report

This report helps make the restocking process more efficient by showing what sold during a date/time range so staff know what to replenish first.
Click to view a sample Item Sales report

Reservations Report

Run this report to generate a list of scheduled reservations, so that your host/hostess is prepared with all the necessary details.
Click to view a sample Reservations report

  1. Tap 'Management' and select 'Reports'.
  2. Choose a starting and ending date and time.

    (Optional) Toggle the ‘Detailed Report’ switch to green to include extra information (e.g. modifiers sold for Item Sales).

  3. Pick a report and tap 'Run Report'.
  4. Choose whether to print, email, message, or view the report on screen.

Let your hungry customers in and start creating orders. When it’s closing time, check out our Ending Your Day guide for help.