Tips and Gratuity

Learn how to add tips to open and closed orders as well as how to run a report to know the value of tips collected and how much should go to each employee.

Table of Contents

Adding Tips to Orders

Customers often acknowledge excellent service by adding gratuity to their order. Learn how to add gratuity to an order by following along below.

Add Tips to an Open Order

For open orders, tips are added when payment is accepted.

  1. Tap 'Payment Amount'.
  2. Enter the total amount received, including tip. Tap 'Done'.
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  3. Choose a tender.
  4. Tap 'Tip' to confirm the tip amount.

Add Tips to Closed Orders

Add tips to closed orders from the closed orders list.

  1. Tap 'Closed'.
  2. Select an order.
  3. Tap the line that displays the tendered amount.
  4. Enter a tip amount and tap 'Done'.

Tips Report

Run the tips report to see the tips that were collected, both by total and also per employee.

  1. Tap 'Management', then 'Reports'.
  2. Choose a date and time range, then 'Tips'.
  3. To view a particular user, scroll down to 'Includes' and select employee(s).
  4. Tap 'Run Report'.
  5. Select how to view the report.